You Won’t Believe How Fit You Are Unless You Try These 5 Challenges


Are you thinking of re-starting your fitness regime? Do you want to know how fit you are?

Fitness: Knowing how fit you are, help you establish a baseline of fitness for yourself from which you can track your progress. Not only this, physical fitness is the key to longer life and perpetual sound health. I’m sure you are doing all sorts of work out routines and exercises but have you wondered if your work out is actually working out for you?


In this article, we’re going to find out how fit you are using some easy challenges that’ll assess your strength, flexibility and physical fitness.

There’s no doubt that regular physical activity and exercise improve your health, reducing the risk of developing diseases and disorders. But most of us do not have any idea where we stand when it comes to physical fitness. That’s why testing your speed, strength, balance, agility and overall fitness is important.


Cut to the chase, it’s time to test your fitness using these 5 regular challenges. Let’s begin!

5. Lunge Balance

Lunges are a great exercise for your core, legs, and butt but they are also great because they test your balance and posture. Can you perform 20 walking lunges without tipping over, keeping your front knee over your ankle and lowering down so that same knee goes to a 90-degree angle before pushing up and stepping forward with the back leg? If you find yourself wobbling around or having pain in your knees and ankle then you my friend, are not FIT. It’s time you start practicing.

4. Plank Balance

If you can hold a plank for 60 seconds or more then you have a strong core, not just abs but strong lower back, shoulders, and butt. A score of over 2 minutes is great! If you can’t hold it for a minute, work up to it. Start with just holding it for 15 seconds, rest for 10 and repeat for 4 rounds.

3. Pulse Rate

Heart rate is a prime indicator of cardiovascular health. Try checking your pulse rate after waking up. Those who are fit have a normal resting heart rate that lies in between 60 and 100 beats per minute. For ladies, who’re in best shape can have a heart rate falling in between 40-60 bpm. Make sure to check it in the morning for the most accurate reading. If you have an unusual heart rate it could be a sign of high blood pressure or other heart diseases.

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2. Toe Touch

Flexibility is an important factor that determines overall fitness. Many of us are stuck inside cubicles for hours working and the result is poor flexibility and bad posture. So, can you sit and touch your toes? If you can easily touch it, you’re in a good shape but if it’s painful or if you can’t reach your toes, think about adding a stretch session in your work out regime.

1. Pull it up

Pull-Up or Chin Up Test is widely used as a measure of upper body strength for both men and women. If you can do 5 or more pull-ups without getting tired then you’re doing awesome for a man. For a woman, you’re a wonder woman if you can do more than 5 pull ups! There are men and women who run marathons, squat like crazy but can’t do a single pull-up. Therefore, pull-ups are important to test your balance and strength.

Clearly, there are a lot more fitness tests that you can do but I wanted to cover the major areas of fitness in this article. All in all, these tests are considered the starting point for designing an appropriate exercise program. They are meant to ensure you won’t be at risk of harm and provide the trainer with the insights needed to establish clear and effective fitness goals.

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