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8 Shocking Facts About Female Body That You Didn’t Know

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So you think you know everything about female anatomy and female reproductive system? What I am about to tell you will shock you. You Won’t Believe These 8 Shocking Facts About Female Body

Scientists have long been studying the human body, both male and female anatomy. Since the past few decades, female reproductive system and female anatomy have become a greater matter of interest among scientists and experts. After years of research, a lot of things are yet to be discovered about the entire framework of a human. When we talk about the human body, sexual dimorphism certainly strikes one’s mind. Everyone knows the fundamental differences between a male and female body unless you’re a 2-year-old!

Though both male and female bodies have peculiar features of their own that are fascinating, female anatomy is still an enigma waiting to be discovered. From childbearing to outstanding flexibility there are many secrets the female body hold. So, if you’re ready to unravel unbelievable facts about women, let’s get started.

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8.Clitoris Keeps Growing

Unlike men’s genitals, a woman’s clitoris grows throughout her life. In fact, the clitoris can grow 2.5 times larger after menopause than the size when she hit puberty. The longest ever measured size of the clitoris was 12 inches! Sorry guys, this doesn’t apply for your body!

7. A Woman Can Have Two Uterus

Shockingly, some women are born with two uteruses or two vaginas. Most women do not even know that they have them until something weird happens like excessive bleeding or irregular menstrual cycle. But what happens when you have two uteruses? Can you bear two babies at once? Yes, that’s possible and the condition is termed as uterus didelphys.

6. One breast is always larger than other

Ladies, you know that this is real, though you do not admit it. It’s usually a small enough difference to be noticeable but no woman has equal-sized breasts. But not to worry ladies, there is no need for medical treatment for unequal breast size as it won’t affect after pregnancy and it certainly won’t increase the risk of breast cancer.

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5. Smell Attracts Women

Guys, you should pay more attention. Scientists have found that women are more attracted to men who smell good than their looks or physique. Something about our hormones kicks in, and our senses go crazy over it. The right smell not only attracts a woman but it’s one thing that she will remember about a man for a long time. On contrary, men are more visual and they get attracted from the youthfulness and the looks.

4. Better chances of surviving traumatic injuries

It’s no wonder that women have longer life expectancy than men. And of the reason for it is that they have better chances of surviving traumatic injuries than men. The key to this advantage may lie in the higher levels of female sex hormones in women, which may have an enhancing effect on the immune system.

3. Multiple orgasms

Women experience multiple orgasms, vaginal, cervical, clitoral and g-spots as compared to men. This might sound crazy but the clitoris contains 8,000 sensitive nerve endings, almost double the nerve endings in the glans of a penis. This means women enjoy sex more than men, all thanks to the multiple orgasms.

2. More rational and logical

Though historical studies show that women are more emotional and men are more logical, new studies have proven it wrong. Women’s brain has been shown to have greater memory and are more complex than men’s. The female brain has much thicker cerebral cortex than the male brain. This part of the brain is associated with higher scores on a variety of cognitive and general intelligence tests!

1.Hymen Does not Determine A Woman’s Virginity

For centuries, hymen has been regarded as an indicator of virginity but now health professionals have concluded that hymen has nothing to do with a woman’s virginity. The hymen is a small piece of tissue ringing the vaginal opening and it can break or tear before a woman’s first sexual intercourse.

For instance, the hymen can tear in a woman who learned horseback riding in early age. Or extensive physical activity can also break the hymen. Bottom line is that the presence or absence of hymen says nothing about whether a woman has had sex or not.

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Daily Health Quiz Answer

Which of the following determines the virginity of a woman?

A. Intact Labia Majora

B. Intact Clitoris

C.Intact Hymen

D.Intact Labia Minora

Answer: Intact Hymen

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