6 Warning Signs That You Have Facebook Addiction Disorder


Are you suffering from Facebook Addiction Disorder? Facebook addiction is the trending teenage obsession that’s causing a negative impact on the social, intellectual and behavioural growth of the younger generation.

Facebook Addiction Disorder– Sounds funny when one tells you that such disorder even exists. But it might surprise you when I say this. Like alcohol and drug addiction, Facebook Addiction Disorder is also an effect or disorder that has left American psychologists and experts baffled and concerned.

Let’s admit, nothing sucks more than not getting enough likes or enough shares on your Facebook photos and posts. There’s no doubt that Facebook and other social media are taking over the world. Every single person; from high profile business personnel to celebrities to your intrigued grandparents, everyone is using this addictive web app.


I might even call it the “Facebook fever” because as of August 2018, Facebook has 2.23 billion active monthly users with more than 2 billions log-ins every day. Well to add more, statistics claim that an average American spends more than 50 minutes per day using Facebook while 50% of 18-24-year-old use Facebook as soon as they wake up. This makes it clear that Facebook is actually rising as an epidemic or what I termed earlier Facebook fever.

What is Facebook Addiction Disorder?

Facebook Addiction Disorder is a condition where a person engages himself/herself in an excessive, compulsive Facebook use for the purpose of mental rewards or mood alteration. They ignore other responsibilities in one’s life, ruining a healthy balance. It’s evident that Facebook is the most grossing business and the best social networking site.


Here we can promote and market our services, get connected with important friends, families and work partners, get notified with all the happenings around the world in a just single scroll. You might be thinking, how can this be bad?

I too agree that Facebook is one of the greatest inventions so far. But most suicidal cases and teenagers suffering from chronic mental conditions like depression, stress and anxiety have been linked with Facebook Addiction Disorder. I was astonished when I found that approximately 350 million people are actually suffering from the Facebook Addiction. Experts have warned people that those who are victims might have these 6 warning signs of Facebook Addiction Disorder.


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6 Warning signs of Facebook Addiction Disorder

1.Withdrawal and Isolation

Withdrawal from normal day to day activities like going out with friends is one of the warning signs of Facebook Addiction Disorder. It’s more obvious when you restrict your child from using Facebook and they just go paranoid. They stay isolated and show signs of anxiety, irritation, distress and the constant need to use Facebook and post something on it.


Another noticeable sign of FAD is tolerance to Facebook. The facebook addicts can engage themselves on Facebook for long hours without even realizing that they are addicted. They reach a stage where they need it as a basic need and use it while eating or watching television. Even talking with their friends or their lover, they’re constantly on Facebook. For the family members and friends who think they are dealing with an addict, a sign to look out for are multiple Facebook windows open.

3.Virtual Dates

I too had no idea that virtual dates existed but nowadays it has become a ‘thing’ among the teens. Your child might be addicted to Facebook if he keeps spending all the time texting their partner online instead of going on a real date.


4. Excessive Fake Friends

You know what they say about Fake Friends: Fake friends are like shadows. They follow you in the sun but leave you in the dark.” Well in the case of Facebook, fake friends follow you only when they are online and they do not really care what’s going on your real life. Having lots of fake friends or virtual friends might make you feel privileged and fulfil your ego, so that they all know what you’re up to and maintain a so-called social profile is also another peculiar sign of FAD.

5. Complete Addiction

I had a huge shopping addiction back in my 20s. I used to go crazy when there was a sale or stock clearance. But now I’ve been over it and well it might not hurt to say that I now prefer driving in my Volvo V90 than wearing a designer boot. Well, it’s a bit different on Facebook addicts because you don’t have to worry about spending tons of money online as it’s a free app and is available 24X7. Due to this fact, addicts spend more than an hour or five on Facebook, which is too much time. If you do this, you need to seek help!

6. Excessive Wall Posts

Sometimes people find that Facebook is a social need, where you need to maintain a “social profile” in order to fully represent whom they want to be in real life. Hence for addicts, adding a constant stream of statuses and photos, videos and application updates may be one way of filling up time.


It can be an addiction in itself; the need to constantly update people on what you are doing, where and why you are doing it; something that could be construed as ‘showing off’ or boasting.

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