5 Dangerous Side Effects of Energy Drinks


New Research suggests that energy drinks have dangerous side effects on your body. So are they really bad?

Dangerous Side Effects of Energy Drinks: Energy drinks; they definitely know how to keep your energy level up on a lazy, hectic Monday morning. Energy drinks have managed to rise on the global market with every single person, either sportsperson or a college boy gulping it down on a daily basis. Most of us do not even know if they’re good or bad for their health.

So are energy drinks really bad for your health?

The answer is yes and no. A recent study in Australia highlighted the risk of overconsumption of energy drinks. They reported the immediate effects of energy drink that included heart palpitations, dizziness, insomnia, respiratory distress, headache and so on. Not only this, the Center for Food Safety Adverse Event Reporting System (CAERS) received over 140 complaints about adverse side effects from 5 Hour Energy, Monster, and Rockstar over the last 10 years.


Nevertheless, having safe limits of energy drinks is appreciable. But it’s important to remember that on average the daily caffeine intake of kids should be limited to below 2.5mg per kg of the body weight and only 100mg per day for the teens. It’s ok to pop up a can of energy drink occasionally but only after you’ve calculated your daily total caffeine intake.

With that being said, if you fancy having the energy drinks then it’s time you control.

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5 Dangerous Side Effects of Energy Drinks

1. Obesity

Almost every energy drinks contain a significant amount of added sugars and artificial sweeteners. Therefore, the over-consumption of such drinks can increase the risk of obesity and overweight problems. Some drinks even contain more sugar than labeled and when children take in such added sugar daily than the required level, it will certainly possess health risks on them.

To make matter worse, a study conducted found that some energy drinks topped 70gms of sugar in one serving while children should only have a sugar limit of 24gms a day. With new flavors and a wide range of such products easily available on the market, children are becoming more addictive to such sodas and energy drinks.

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2.Caffeine overdose

Another dangerous side effects of energy drink are caffeine overdose. Aside from sugar, energy drinks are packed with high loads of caffeine. Some cans even contain as much as 207 mg of caffeine per 2 oz. Well, it’s evident that our body does need caffeine to boost the energy level with a moderate intake of up to 400 mg per day but when you go overboard, you might suffer caffeine overdose. So when you get addicted to energy drinks, you are at high risk of caffeine overdose which is associated with many psychological problems like irritability, high blood pressure, anxiety, depression and stress.


Well, it’s quite a controversial topic! As a matter of fact, several research is still going on to find out whether energy drinks can cause miscarriages. The caffeine might pose a miscarriage risk but the study results have been mixed. Nevertheless, the effects of consuming large amounts of caffeine either via coffee or energy drinks in short period of time can increase the risk of unhealthy pregnancy, but further evidence and research are required to conclude whether energy drinks cause miscarriages.

But wait, this might make you think twice before you consume energy drinks. Some studies on animals have found that extremely high doses of caffeine are teratogenic — they can cause mutations in the DNA of a fetus, leading to miscarriage. So are you ready to take the risk? I bet you’re NOT!

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4.Sleep disorders

Energy drinks are designed to keep you energetic and up beat. They contain caffeine, added sugars, other additives like vitamin B, legal stimulants like guarana, taurine and L-carnitine. These compounds work together to provide your body with constant energy, making you hyper all the time. This can disturb your sleep cycle and even make you insomniac. Caffeine is a stimulant of the central nervous system, which has effects on your brain that make you feel more alert by blocking the message that tells your brain you are tired.


5.Cardiovascular problems

Lastly, energy drinks are potential health hazards for your heart. You might have noticed that after drinking an energy drink, your heart just starts to race really fast. Daily consumption of such drinks can raise stress levels, increase heart rate along with blood pressure, straining your heart more than normal.

The impacts that energy drinks may have on your heart and the cardiovascular system could be due to how the caffeine interacts with other ingredients. Also, some evidence shows that there have been several cases of people suffering cardiac arrest after consuming two or more energy beverage and the toxicology reports also showed that these people had high levels of caffeine and taurine in their blood.

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