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Easy yoga postures for the beginners guides. The best yoga position for healthy lifestyle. Be ready for daily yoga routine for the betterment of your mental and physical health.

For last year, the yoga wave has come globally so we have presented yoga training as our traditional medical method. You can do these Yoga training easily at home. Doing these exercises regularly, you can get rid of different types of diseases.



With the support of back, sleep by flatting on one’s back


Put the hand over the head.

Slowly raise your laid body with the strength of hand and feet.


This posture doesn’t lead to suffering from backache problem in our old age whereas makes our body agile and solves a backache, headache. This posture also helps to make hand and leg muscles strong.


With the help of abdomen, lay your body groveled.

Hold your right leg with a right-hand and left leg with left hand backward.

After doing it, try to pull both your legs by the hand towards the back.

This posture reduces fats of your stomach and makes the operating process of interior organ strong. It makes metabolism good and avoids backbone problem. This exercise is beneficial for those women who have menstruation and other many problems.



Sleep by flatting on one’s back.

Raise both your legs alone and then hinder-most them on the ground and stay for some time. Because of the body posture, it is called Halasan.

Don’t do this exercise when there is a backache.

It helps to make bone back strong and makes body flexible. Its regular exercise avoids constipation, thyroid, asthma, cough, and blood problems.



Staff both your hand’s Pam on the ground.

Keep your knee elbow aside and raise your whole body without touching the ground for a while. This posture cannot be done at once, But it can be done continuously and gradually. It helps to make muscle hand strong and increases the glow of face.


Sit and straight your feet.

Touch the knee tilting your head and hold the leg’s foot and stay neutral for some time.

This exercise solves the problem of back pain and also brings out the disorder of stomach. It helps to digest food, by activating the digestive system. This exercise is useful for the growth of height of children.



With the strength of back, lay your body.

Fold a leg knee with a hand, touching the chin and pressing the thigh with the strength of hand. In this action, both feet can be done at once. However, people with back spine problem shouldn’t do this. Pawan means air and muktasana i.e release the unwanted air from the body. It is beneficial for those who have gastric, loss of appetite and people with a lot of gas coming out of the body.


Put the right hand under the right thigh and lay your body with the strength of your stomach.

Similarly, keep the left hand under the left thigh


It has two-step in it. In the first step, raise the right foot backward taking a breath in and take down the foot taking the breath out slowly, turn by turn.On the other hand, both legs can be taken once taking breathe in and taking them down, breathe out. This exercise strengthens feet and stomach muscles and helps to solve many types of stomach problems.

Setu bandhasana:

If setu means bridge, then bandha means tie i.e assume, tying our body in a bridge is called setu bandhasana.

Lie down on the ground and bring feet to the waist.

Sleep by flatting on one’s back and raise it.

Handling the hand and holding both feet at the center, stop for a while.


This exercise strengthens the backbone and makes the constrict muscles of the chest and hooded flexible. It creates brain without anxiety and improves digestion alone.


Pada means foot and hasta mean hand. Holding hand on foot for some time, this exercise is called Padahastasana.

For this, stand straight

Bring down both hands-on feet and stands for some time.

If possible, try to touch knee by forehead.


This exercise makes the kidney function well and solves the problem of muscle bone. This keeps muscle calm and also improves digestion. This exercise is beneficial if the woman has a menstruation problem.


Vira means brave and bhadra means gentle. Although this kind of exercise is three in types, an exercise given in the picture here is also very beneficial.

Make anyone foot corrugated towards and keep the other feet straight backward.

Put on the top and join both hands. Raise both point finger and stabilize a little while.

This exercise enhances the chest as well. It enhances the shrink muscles of abdomen, lungs, shoulder, and hooded.



Among all exercises, this one is the major exercise. This exercise makes head straight with the strength of head so it is called Shirshasana. This exercise cannot be done at once.

First, keeping the head on any thick cloth and try to keep the body vertical with the help of the wall.

After doing this for few weeks, we should try to adjust to the air.

This exercise makes the brain calm and improves blood flow to the brain. It makes the hands, feet, and backbone strong. It improves the lungs function and also improves the digestive function. It also benefits women if there is a problem of menstruation.



Bhujang means snake. In this exercise, our body should spread as a snake. For this, lay your body with the help of stomach.

Keep both hands on waist aside, with the help of hand, as much as possible, lift the upper part of your chest. This exercise makes the muscle-bone strong and expands the shrink muscles of chest, lung, shoulder, and stomach. It also improves the metabolism system. This exercise removes fatigue as well as beneficial for an asthma patient.


In Sanskrit, Ustra means camel. The posture of the body is formed as camel, so it is called ustrasana. In this posture, stand with the strength of knee or sit by bending your knee and make your upper part of body straight.

Catch your heel, which is in the same direction with both hands and keeps the head backward.

This posture strengthens the bones and improves the digestion and also improves the reproductive organ. It allows expanding the muscles of the stomach which are contraceptive and also improves the digestive system. It also improves backbone and reduces the pain of back.



Standby leaving both feet lightly.

Lock the fingers on one another and take over your head, stretching your body.

In this way, with the strength of feet, take the heel up and stay neutral for a while.

This posture improves the blood circulation of the entire body as well as stretch the muscle tissues. It balances the mentality and make foot, calf and thigh muscles strong alone. It also helps to make backbone straight. It is beneficial for the growth of height of children.

Watch Easy Yoga Postures Video for the Beginner:


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