Check Out These 5 Expert Ways To Prevent A Nasty Hang Over


“It’s not a hangover, it’s a wine flu.”

We’ve all been hungover at some point; be it after your friend’s bachelor’s party or after a formal dinner party. Drinking is fun but the aftermath of it, the loathsome “HANGOVER” is not fun at all. The splitting headache, the feeling of nausea and even the diarrhea the next morning is bound to ruin your entire day!

There’s no ultimate cure for a hangover. Yes, you read it right, NO CURE! Therefore, all you can do is avoid the symptoms and adopt some measures to reduce the headaches and diarrhea. So, what could be the possible ways? Before moving on to that, let’s find out what is a HANGOVER.


So what is a HANGOVER?

A hangover is a mixture of unpleasant psychological and physiological effects that you usually experience after consuming excessive alcohol. As a general rule, the more alcohol you drink, the more likely you can get a hangover the next day. Symptoms include headache, fatigue, nausea, sensitivity to light, dehydration and dizziness.

Hence, with much demand, today I bring  you these easy tips and tricks to avoid feeling hungover the next morning.


1.Don’t mix your drinks

Drinking just bourbon or only whiskey will significantly minimize the effects of hangover but if you start mixing your drinks, you will experience a worse hangover. For instance, if you started with a bottle of beer and later mixed it with a shot of whiskey that has methanol(a congener that’s toxic in high levels), your body will show different reactions making you feel like dying the next morning. Therefore, if you’re smart enough, stick to one type of drink!


2.Drink a Lot of Water

Dehydration is another major side effect of excessive drinking. The feeling of thirst and dry mouth will make you want to drink more water and that’s exactly what you have to do. Drink plenty of water the following day to filter off all the toxins from your body. Not only this, you could also drink a glass of water between the drinks and have a big glass of water before going to sleep to avoid a nasty hang over.

3.Consume High Calorie Food

Elizabeth Kovacs, a Director of the Alcohol Research Program, states that a hangover is directly related to the food you ate during the day. Hence, if you’re planning to have a few drinks later in the evening, consume a lunch/dinner that’s rich in carbohydrates, proteins and fats. You could go for a double size burger or a steak that will help you metabolize the alcohol minimizing the risk of headaches and stress the following day.

4. Take Full Rest

We all admit that a drunken night is a fun night where you party all night long and don’t miss the comfy bed! Lack of sleep will exhaust your body, making you feel dizzy and irritated the next day- only to make your hangover worse. Drinking all night suppresses the production of the sleep hormone melatonin which means you’ll have a harder time not only falling asleep, but also staying asleep. Hence it’s important that you get a full rest during the night as well as the next morning to reduce the symptoms of hangover.


5. Drink liquor with juice

We often mix hard liquors with sodas and other carbonated drinks. It has now become a health trend as many party planners are adding juice to their drink list as any fruit juice is a good source of vitamins and minerals that are necessary to keep to fresh and active the next day. You can go for a juicy cocktail or mix your vodkas with cranberry juice to get that amazing flavor as well as a smart getaway from the terrible hangover the following day.

All in all, there’s no ultimate cure for a hangover and drinking within limits is a smart choice to cope up with the nasty hangover. And if you like drinking like a sailor, you can always go for the above tips to that are definitely helpful!

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