Control Hair Fall at Home | Beneficial Food to Control Hair Fall


Do you believe that we can control hair fall at home? If you think so then, let’s move on to the subject matter: what are the reasons of hair fall? What kind of substances are lacking in our body.? What we have to do now to strengthen our hair? And make our hair healthy and strong enough.

Well, the fundamental causes of hair fall is due to lack of elements in our body, which play crucial role to make our hair strong and healthy. Be smart to choose the right nutrition to keep your hair healthy and strong. Consume such substances on a regular basis make sure hair fall control and of course regenerate hair. 

Here is the list of such beneficial food to control hair fall at home:

Fatty Acid:
Fatty acid helps to make the root of hair strong and healthy. Walnut, salmon fish, nutella, tofu, cauliflower consists of fatty acid. Have such food on a daily basis.


Having food enriched with zinc can maintain testosterone hormones in our body. Zinc activates gland to produce oily substance to make hair and head healthy. Zinc can be found in the liver of animal, seed of pumpkin, breast of chicken and mushroom.

The lack of protein in the body can make your hair weak and untimely gray. So have meal enriched with protein such as curd, egg yolk, peanuts, chicken, green peas, red lentil and tofu etc. This maintains hair health very well.


The food consists of iron helps to supply blood, oxygen and nutrients to the cells of Head and rest of the body. This helps to keep your hair healthy and strong. Green leaves, cereals, mutton, egg yolk contains high amount of iron.

Vitamin A and C:
Vitamin A and C is very useful to make the root of hair strong. Vitamin C also boosts the level of iron in body, which is very effective for the healthy hair. That is why, we have to have pumpkin, broccoli, carrots and sweet potatoes to be supplied with vitamin A and C.


If the level of magnesium decreases in the body, then hair begins to fall rapidly. So maintain magnesium in the body by having bananas, avocado, masoor lentil, walnut, almond, dried fish, black beans, pumpkin seeds, dark chocolate, spinach etc.

Food to be avoided to control hair fall:

# Oily and fried food.
# Alcohol, cigarette, coffee and tea.
# Food contained with chemical.
# Junk food and fast food.
# Hot and spicy food.


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