5 Common Dental Problems That You Should Not Ignore


As the famous saying goes by, “A smile is the best curve any girl can wear”, I, on the other hand, think that a smile is the best curve that fits everyone in every situation. A dazzling smile is enough to make anyone’s day but a smile is no good without healthy teeth. Dental problems are most common among any age groups and many are not realizing the fact that simple and easy day-to-day care and tricks can easily prevent these dental problems. A good dental health not only enhances your personality but it is also a marker for good health.

Unlike other diseases, dental problems are easy to prevent. I mean, is it that hard to brush twice a day and floss with a good flossing solution? You don’t know what our teeth have to go through the whole day with all the biting, chewing, grinding, talking. Hence they need a little more love and care, like brushing and flossing and going for routine check-ups. But due to our poor eating habits, regular smoking, and drinking, we’re neglecting our oral health without no concern whatsoever. From foul breath to oral cancer there are tons of common dental problems that you should not ignore. Today  I’ve enlisted these five oral problems that you might encounter at some point in your life and I’ll tell you exactly what to do to prevent them. Let’s begin!


1.Foul Breath

Nobody likes a stinky breath! When your breath starts to smell really bad it’s time you go to your dentist and get rid of it! Poor oral hygiene is one of the major reasons for your mouth smelling like a rotten meat! However, a bad breath is also the major sign of gum disease, thrush, dry mouth, diabetes, cavities and other bacterial infections in the mouth. Regular brushing and use of a physician advised mouthwash is helpful to get rid of bad breath but in case you have persistent bad breath, it’s best to visit your dentist to find out other underlying causes of the foul breath.


Dental caries or cavities is another common dental problem that affects more than 80% of Americans annually. A cavity starts to form on the teeth when plaque (sticky deposit on teeth in which bacteria proliferate) combines with sugary foods that you eat. As a result, the bacteria break down the sugar into acids which ultimately destroys the enamel of the teeth, leading the tooth to rot. Tooth decay is mainly caused due to haphazard eating that erodes your enamel. And the best way to deal with cavities is going for a dental session where your orthodontist will fill in the cavities and repair your enamel. But I’ve even a better solution for it. Do you want to know what it is? Just take care of your teeth! Brush twice, floss daily, eat healthy and fresh fruits and vegetables and avoid sugary food items! Simple as that!




3.Gum Disease

Did you know that your gums are at equal risk of getting infected by bacteria? Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease is the infection of the gum which is a serious dental health problem. Smoking and poor dental hygiene are the leading cause of periodontal disease. The bacteria associated with periodontal diseases are predominantly gram-negative anaerobic bacteria and may include A. actinomycetemcomitans, P. gingivalis, P. intermedia, B. forsythus, C. rectus, E. nodatum, P. micros, S. intermedius and Treponema sp. Bad breath, tender and bleeding gums, sensitive teeth, pain while chewing are some of the symptoms of gum disease. In case of infection, contact your dentist right away and undergo treatment to prevent further complications.

4. Sensitivity

Sensitivity is another painful dental problem that affects millions of people worldwide. You know when you have sensitive teeth when you drink something hot or cold or chew something crunchy and sweet, you feel strong pain and discomfort in your teeth. Not only this, sensitive teeth can also be a marker for a cracked tooth or tooth abscess that needs immediate treatment.  Sensitive teeth can be prevented by avoiding eating too hot or too cold and as I said earlier, it’s preventable if you take care of your teeth with proper flossing and brushing!

5.Oral Cancer

Feeling lazy to floss? Well, you’re putting yourself at risk of developing oral cancer! Oral cancer is the most severe dental health problem that can be life-threatening. A small pinkish painless lump or growth inside your mouth is the first warning sign of cancer. You need to consult your dentist right away in such case. The risk of oral cancer is pretty high among the smokers, tobacco users and those who consume alcohol, hence, a regular check-up is crucial to see the early signs and symptoms of cancer. Oral cancers have the lowest survival rates of all cancer, hence prevention is the only cure. If you experience any change during chewing, swallowing and moving your tongue, it’s time you go see your dentist.

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