Chakras: The Pool of Energies inside our Body | Frequencies of 7 Chakras


#Chakra means spinning wheels.

#There are 7 chakras in our body.


#Each Chakra deals with a different element of our life.

#The chakras can be controlled, energized, opened, closed.


#Chakras are to be dealt with in order to live a blessed energetic life.

All human beings are made up of five elements.


Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Spirit. And inside our body we have various centers where these five elements wheel around- forming a pool of energy. In the physical body there are 7 major places where these energies spiral. These places are called chakras. The literal meaning of Chakra is a Wheel.

These seven places in the physical body are given specific name as per the rotation rate and the position of the chakras. They also deal with different earthly or humane elements of the life on earth. Let’s have a look at them in detail.

Root Chakra/ Muladhar Chakra
This Chakra is present at the base of the spinal cord. According to its name, it is the base of all the chakras. “Mula” meaning the Fundamental and “Adhar” meaning the base. This Chakra is directly related to the survival needs of a human being. It is connected to the material needs of life and is blocked by fear. Fear is also the base of all your negative feelings. In order to rid yourself of fear, you need to strengthen this Chakra. Its frequency is 430-480 THz.

Swadisthan Chakra / Sacral Chakra

This chakra is present around about 3 to 4 inches below your belly button. And this chakra is related to creative energy and sexual prowess. “Swa” measn “self” and “Adhistan” means “To dwell”.  This chakra gets activated with the subject of pleasure and hence plays a very big role to maintain and keep a healthy sexual life. The opposite of pleasure is…yes…you guessed it, guilt! This Chakra is blocked by Guilt. In order to rid yourself of guilt, strengthen this Chakra. Its frequency is 480-510 THz and is denoted by the color orange.

Manipura Chakra / Solar plexus Chakra
This chakra is present right above your belly button. This chakra is where the life energy is stored inside your body. “Mani” means “Gem” and “Pura” means City. The energy present in this Chakra is also denoted by the word Chi in Eastern Cultures. This Chakra is the source of willpower. Therefore you better eat right. Whatever you eat has a direct impact on your Manipura Chakra. This Chakra is blocked by Shame. This Chakra is directly related to the color yellow and the frequency of this chakra is between 510 to 540 THz.  


Anahad Chakra / Heart Chakra

This Chakra is present right in the middle of your chest. This chakra is the one which connects the higher spiritual body to our physical one. The Literal meaning of the word “Anahad” is Sound of Unity. All the chakras below this are basically related to this life and it’s ever changing actions. However, once you enter this chakra, now we start ascending to other realms. To be more precise, all the chakras below the heart chakras are related to the physical body whereas the Heart Chakra starts to deal with the Mental body now. This Chakra is the basis of Love in life. It is blocked by grief and is related to the colour green. The frequency of this chakra is between  540 and 580 THz.

Bisuddhi Chakra or the Sound Chakra / Throat Chakra

This is the fifth chakra that is present right at your throat. This is the Chakra of expression and is denoted by the colour blue. “Bisuddhi” means to purify. In order to improve your Art skills, it is very important to Strengthen this Chakra. This is also the chakra of Mantra and is related to invocation of higher spiritual and intuitive powers. This Chakra is the Vertebra of communication. Proper strengthening of this Chakra can lead to “VakyaSiddhi” which means that your words will turn into prophecies and in turn manifest into reality. It is blocked by Lies and deals with Truth. And the frequency of this Chakra is between 580 THz to 610 THz.

Agya Chakra or the Light Chakra / Third Eye Chakra

This is the sixth pool of energy in our body and is present right between our two eyes. This is also known as the Gyan Chkara or the Chakra of will. The Literal meaning of Agya is “Will”. This Chakra is responsible to form aim and mission in our life. In order to strengthen your intuition and Sixth sense, it is very important to strengthen this Chakra. Once this pool of energy has been properly opened, you can achieve “Karya Siddhi” or in simpler terms, you shall be able to bring out the desired results from your work. This Chakra is also responsible for maintaining discipline in one’s life.  The Agna Chakra deals with insight and is blocked by illusion or Maya. This Chakra is usually associated with the color Blue and the frequency of this Chakra is 610-670 Thz.


The Sahasrar or the Crown Chakra

This is the prime and the most prominent Chakra and denotes collective consciousness. This is also known as the Throat Chakra. It deals with pure Cosmic energy and is Blocked by Attachment. In order to open this Chakra, all the attachment of this life needs to be let go. Sahasrar approximately means “Thousand Petalled”.  Only then pure Cosmic energy can flow through you.  This is the Chakra that connects us to the divine. The opening of this Chakra leads to “Jiwan Siddhi” or Fulfillment of life. Once you open this Chakra, you need not come back to this world to get attached with the earthly desires time and again. This is related with the colour Violet and deals its frequency range is 670- 750 THz.  

Maintaining the Chakras is essesntial to have a healthy Physical, Mental, emotional and Spiritual Body. There are various ways in which the Chakras can be opened and strengthened, however, we shall talk about those in the next article. Also please feel free to ask any questions related to the seven Chakras. If time permits we shall talk about other 5 Chakras above and below the Seven Chakras that we are familiar of.

All 7 Chakras Healing Frequencies:


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