Cerebral Palsy in Child : Causes, Prevention and Symptoms

pediatric neurology

The cerebral palsy problem in the child is due to the lack of nutritious food.

What is the pediatric neurology?

Pediatric neurology is a disease related to muscle nerves and spinal cord.

The diseases under Pediatric Neurology are as follows:
Unable to speak
Spinal cord
Unable to walk properly and

Causes of Pediatric Neurology:

There are many topics in the child’s neurology. The type of disease also differs from one another. Here I am mentioning about only Cerebral Palsy’s disease. When the baby is born in the house, this disease takes place due to the child not getting oxygen. Another reason is if the mother did not have good food or proper nutrition, this disease may take place in the child. Similarly, premature delivery is also results in cerebral palsy. However, the children survived ICU immediately, but the brain does not work. In the present context, the practise of giving birth to hospital is likely to reduce such disease.


It is indispensable to give birth in hospital rather than in home to escape from the sudden scarcity of oxygen. There may be a problem even in the mother’s womb. That is why, proper nutrition plan is essential for pregnant women. Pregnant women should go to hospital for the regular check up with doctor.

Symptoms of this disease

50 % treatment is not possible but can be improved. “Brain Damage” is the main aspect of Cerebral Palsy. The part of the brain damage can not be fixed exactly the same as usual brain again. Regular child examination can play vital role to improve the condition in some extent. Various kind of therapies can also play crucial role to improve the condition of child. Compared to a healthy child, the child with a disease is different, but something better.

There are some symptoms we can notice if the child is victim of Cerebral Palsy:

Do not speak at the time of speaking
Walking time not to walk
Do not straighten up
Children can not cry while birth

Children with this disease do not have physical development, However intellectual growth can be noticed. You should immediately show such a child at the hospital.

How many percentage of patients who suffer from this disease get healed?

It is not a disease that will be healing properly. However, when we get out of the womb, we can be able to reduce the disease as a normal child.

If these patients are not able to get treatment during the time, what will happen to young people?

What should the sick patients pay attention to?

Such illnesses should regularize regular diet, regular nutritious food and regular therapy.

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