Ceragem Therapy: The Truth No One Told About This Therapy


My uncle had this back problem for the past twenty years, where he was not even able to stand up for a long time. The old man missed out on a lot of parties and gatherings as the problem started getting worse by the day. One boring Sunday afternoon, while watching TV, my mother accidentally switched on to a Korean Channel where she saw the advertisement of the Ceragem Therapy Machine.

The automatic thermal massager claimed that it could heal back pain, relieve aches and muscle stiffness, improve body posture and promote relaxation. We immediately ordered the massager and gifted the machine to my uncle. He started using it, and after just one month, we saw better results. Although not completely cured, he’s now able to stand up as long as needed with less pain and stiffness on his back.



What is Ceragem Therapy?

Ceragem therapy is a fully natural therapy that scans the span of the spine, and the machine provides thermal acupressure to the spine. People use Ceragem Therapy to increase blood pressure, purifying the blood, boost immunity, relieve stress and aligning spinal cord. Ceragem therapy relieves arthritis pains, relaxes muscles and increases energy with proper blood circulation.

Ceragem Therapy is a therapeutic acupressure massage bed, which combines chiropractic based massage. Chiropractic based massage is a form of alternative medicine mostly concerned with diagnosis and treatment of disorders, especially of the spine. Far-infrared heat, which is a radiant heat produced by Ceragem massager penetrates deep into the body to provide natural pain relief, acupressure effect, and other health benefits. The far infrared heat from Ceragem massager scans spine, to find the acupoints of the spine for more personalized thermal massage, relaxing body muscles.


Benefits of Ceragem Therapy

This natural massage therapy has lots of benefits for our body.

Relieves pain

The far infrared heat raises the level of dilatation of blood vessels, which is widening of blood vessels. Due to vasodilatation, it brings oxygen to the joints and extreme limit. As a result, it helps to speed up the healing of injuries like sprains and strains, thus relieving the pain. Also, it reduces the time for healing up from an injury.


Reduces fatigue and stress

The far infrared heat from Ceragem machine loosens the muscles of the body, thus reduces stress. Also, it feels relaxed after the therapy. You’ll feel much better, fresh and new after the therapy. Since you feel more vital physically and mentally, it reduces your stress and fatigue.

Improves blood circulation


Ceragem Therapy helps to increase metabolism which results in a better supply of oxygen and nutrients to cells throughout the body. As the cell in the body absorbs far infrared heat, it causes a physical phenomenon called resonance, where the cells are given strength and energy to circulate blood throughout the body. Hence, use of Ceragem massager helps in improving overall blood circulation and metabolism of the body.

Removes harmful toxins

The presence of toxins in the body lowers the effective circulation of blood throughout the body and wakens or damages cellular energy. Far infrared heat helps to break down water molecules containing toxins like carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, lead, and mercury. The inclosed toxic materials and gases are then removed from your body.

Better skeletal system

The Ceragem therapy helps to improve and correct body posture. The therapy helps in loosening joints and joins capsules by removing fixation. As Cheragem therapy removes exudates from muscles, this results in a better skeletal system.

Skin benefits

Ceragem therapy improves the circulation of blood, which nourishes the skin. Due to detoxification, it helps in unlocking and eliminates the fatty deposits. The far infrared heat activates neurons and nerve receptors of the skin, improving type 2 diabetes. The far infrared heat from the machine tightens the muscles and reduces the appearance of cellulite, a condition where the skin has dimpled, lumpy appearance.

Respiratory system benefits

Due to increased flexibility in thoracic cage, a skeleton of the thoracic wall, the breathing patterns is improved. With increase in flexibility, the therapy helps minimize the respiratory difficulties such as asthma and bronchitis.


Emotional benefits

Ceragem therapy helps in relaxing your body and mind, this results in the calm state of alertness, thus reducing mental stress and increase the capacity of clear thinking.

Reasons to try Ceragem Therapy

  1. A different kind of massager: The primary goal of Ceragem therapy is to help relieve people from pain, and have a healthy, happy life. The wide range of infrared massagers helps people with a variety of problems. The problem includes kidney stones, back pains, kidney stone, cholesterol, stomach problems, and it also helps in blood production and circulation.
  2. A soothing experience: From the wide range of massage machine available in the market around, the Ceragem massagers are much different from other. Since the Ceragem Therapy machine is like a bed, it gives a better experience, and also makes it easier to reach and fix the spine. Ceragem massagers are much different and provide excellent experience compared to other conventional massagers in the market.
  3. Infrared technology and no side effects: Ceragem massagers are big massagers working solely on infrared technology. It is tough to say that there are any side effects of Ceragem therapy.
  4. Free to try: If you want to try Ceragem massagers, you do not have to pay for it. It’s free to try or test at any of the Ceragem branches near to your place. You can buy the massagers, only if you are happy with the outcome.
  5. Improving your health: Ceragem is not just suitable for adults, but also for children, having problems or issues on back pains or constipation.
  6. It’s good for a lot of sicknesses: It covers 15 points on the spinal cord and is advantageous for people with various types of sicknesses. Ranging from senior citizens having trouble walking to pregnant women, and children, Ceragem Therapy helps to make life pain-free to everyone.
  7. Clinically proven: The Ceragem Therapy has been clinically proven to reduce the back pains, and multiple body aches. The people who have been using this therapy have been benefitted a lot from it.

Using Ceragem Bed

Every device you purchase contains a manual or instruction to use the Ceragem bed; Therapists recommends to use the Ceragem massager twice a day, morning and evening each day. For the first setup, you need to check the product’s composition, if all the items are there. You need to install a Ceragem bed in a flat base that that product won’t get damaged after installation. Take the components out from the box, and install according to the manual and designated order. You can operate the Ceragem bed using remote control. The machine comes with manual containing the layout of the remote. There are different modes which you can choose to use. Lie down in the bed, and use the desired methods, or setups, and relax.

The price of Ceragem massagers and bed varies from about 50$ going up to around 1500$. The cost depends upon the quality, companies, and facilities of the beds. The common ones with good quality come in around 500$.

If you want to try the Ceragem Machine or bed, here are my best pick for you from Amazon.



Are there any Drawbacks of Ceragem Therapy?

There are millions of stories of the users of this therapy machine who have professed to be healed after using this machine. But a recent study has shown that these Ceragem massagers are reportedly causing adverse reactions and other SIDE EFFECTS!

The news was first reported in China where the patients suffered side effects like dizziness and brittle bones, that led to an immediate ban on the machine sales all over the country. Not only this, Dr. Jimmy Obaji, M.D. at the University of Manitoba, Canada revealed that THERE ARE possible side effects of prolonged use of Ceragem machine. He stated,

“This therapy uses infrared light along with Jade stones to help heal the 15 points of the body. This is completely out of Allopathic medicine. I would say the dangers of this are burns from the Ceragem and side effects can be those related to infrared exposure.”


Hence, this leaves us with one big question.

Is Ceragem Therapy Really Harmful To The Human Body?

The therapy machine uses thermal acupressure to conduct Ceragem therapy. The therapy uses infrared rays with Jades stones to heal the aches and pain in the major parts of the body. Infrared rays can lead to several health problems like:

  • Damage to the corneas
  • Increase the risk of skin cancer
  • Heat damage
  • Increase skin thickness

This might surprise you but Ceragem is yet to be approved by any international health regulatory bodies like the FDA or the ISO. It also doesn’t belong to any allopathic medicine, hence using it for a long time would definitely be risky. The Korean company sold two models: RH and a deluxe model, C, that had features of massage and CERAGEM PRESSURE while RH(Radiant Far-Infrared Heat) constituted of jade stones and Epoxy Carbon Panel and both got a pretty good market all across Asia and America.

But wait, there’s more! I have something interesting to tell you. Back in 2005, the company was accused by countries like Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Spain, Uruguay, Peru and so on for defrauding the Hispanic customers, making them buy the machine, claiming it to be the effective machine to cure cancer and heart diseases. But as expected, it did not cure all those diseases.

Despite all these facts, FDA once approved the Ceragem massagers for only temporary relief of joint pain and muscle aches, not for cancer or other serious health disorders. So, guys let me tell you this just once, the only thing the Ceragem bed can give is a warm massage that promotes relaxation and deep sleep. It doesn’t cure any other medical problems at all. Still not convinced? If not, then you can get Ceragem massager anywhere from online to retail distributors which can cost up to $1000 depending upon the features it provides.


Even though it has its side effects, millions of people around the world use Ceragem Massager. They claim that it has helped them get better and get rid of the excruciating pain in their back, joints, and legs. Well, in my personal opinion, I don’t really think that these millions of people getting themselves treated by this massager are all crazy. I mean the massager must have, in some mysterious ways, proven itself to be a miracle for them!

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4 thoughts on “Ceragem Therapy: The Truth No One Told About This Therapy

  • June 25, 2019 at 11:50 pm

    My wife and I have used Ceragem for years. She has disc herniation from falls. It works GREAT! Combined with other exercises, she is 90% functional. As for me, after a hard days work, my back killing me, Ceragem provides immediate relief. I know of others that had serious back problems; Ceragem changed their lives.

  • January 21, 2020 at 9:31 pm

    I worked for Ceragem in 2005 in Canada. First of all, we were trained in highly ethical way, which means, NOBODY ever promoted Ceragem as a replacement for professional medical treatment. Secondly, we had positive and unbelievable testimonials every single day and our customers reported health improvement related to great variety of diagnosis. It only makes sense, if you know a little bit of anatomy and you understand the connection between the spine and the rest of body. The massaging rollers never touch the spine directly. They go around, so it is very safe. We had even customers, who were after the spine injury, they started their treatment first just with the heat (without massage), then they gradually added massage. Thanks to Ceragem massages their health significantly improved. As an employee, who saw the results, I purchased the bed and I have been using it for the last 15 years. It helped and is helping with wide spectrum of problems. Within a year and half of working for Ceragem, I had 4 customers, who did not notice neither improvement nor harm. That is way less, then1percent of Ceragem users. I never met a person, who would report any side effects (and believe me, we asked). For those, who complain about headache, dizziness and similar symptoms, all you need to do, is to drink plenty of water after massage. This reaction can simply occur, when the body is releasing toxins (it can happen with ANY kind of detox) and as soon as you keep hydrated and you will continue with treatment, those symptoms will eventually disappear. There isn’t any risk of burning. You can adjust the temperature on the bed to very mild. So it is all up to you. Ceragem is, indeed, VERY powerful and effective therapy, that can support healing in wide spectrum of medical conditions.

    • January 30, 2020 at 11:28 am

      Thank you for sharing your experience with us Martina 🙂
      Ceragem Machine indeed has benefits on one’s health.
      Like you suggested, one should be hydrated after using the machine.


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