Ceragem Therapy: The Truth No One Told About This Therapy

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ceragem massager side effects

My uncle had this back problem for the past twenty years, where he was not even able to stand up for a long time. The old man missed out on a lot of parties and gatherings as the problem started getting worse by the day. One boring Sunday afternoon, while watching TV, my mother accidentally switched on to a Korean Channel where she saw the advertisement of the Ceragem Machine.

The automatic thermal massager claimed that it could heal back pain, relieve aches and muscle stiffness, improve body posture and promote relaxation. We immediately ordered the massager and gifted the machine to my uncle. He started using it and after just one month, we saw better results. Although not completely cured, he’s now able to stand up as long as needed with less pain and stiffness on his back.

This is just another story, like millions of other stories of  the users of this therapy machine who have professed to be healed after using this machine. But recent study has shown that these ceragem massagers are reportedly causing adverse reactions and other SIDE EFFECTS!

The news was first reported in China where the patients suffered side effects like dizziness and brittle bones, that led to a prompt ban of the machine sales all over the country. Not only this, Dr. Jimmy Obaji, M.D. at the University of Manitoba, Canada revealed that THERE ARE possible side effects of prolonged use of Ceragem machine. He stated,

“This therapy uses infrared light along with Jade stones to help heal the 15 points of the body. This is completely out of Allopathic medicine. I would say the dangers of this are burns from the Ceragem and side effects can be those related to infrared exposure.”

Hence, this leaves us with one big question..

Is Ceragem Therapy Really Harmful To The Human Body?

Ceragem is a therapy conducted using thermal accupressure. The therapy uses infrared rays with Jades stones to heal the aches and pain in the major parts of the body. Infrared rays can lead to several health problems like:

  • Damage to the corneas
  • Increase the risk of skin cancer
  • Heat damage
  • Increase skin thickness

This might surprise you but Ceragem is yet to be approved by any international health regulatory bodies like the FDA or the ISO. It also doesn’t belong to any allopathic medicine, hence using it for long time would definitely be risky. The Korean company sold two models : RH and a deluxe model, C, that had features of massage and CERAGEN PRESSURE while RH(Radiant Far-Infrared Heat) consituted of jade stones and Epoxy Carbon Panel and both got a pretty good market all across Asia and America.

But wait, there’s more! I have something interesting to tell you. Back in 2005, the company was accused by countries like Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Spain, Uruguay, Peru and so on for defrauding the Hispanic customers, making them buy the machine, claiming it to be the effective machine to cure cancer and heart diseases. But as expected, it did not cure all those diseases.

Despite all these facts, FDA once approved the Ceragem massagers for only temporary relief of joint pain and muscle aches, not for cancer or other serious health disorders. So, guys let me tell you this just once, the only thing the Ceragem bed can give is a warm massage that promotes relaxation and deep sleep. It doesn’t cure any other medical problems at all. Still not convinced? If not, then you can get ceragem massager anywhere from online to retail distributors which can cost up to $1000 depending upon the features it provides.

Even though it has its side effects, millions of people around the world are getting treated by the Ceragem Massager. They claim that it has helped them get better and get rid of the excruciating pain in their back, joints and legs. Well, in my personal opinion, I don’t really think that these millions of people getting themselves treated by this massager are all crazy. I mean the massager must have, in some mysterious ways, proven itself to be a miracle for them!

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