5 Major States of Brainwaves | Binaural Beats

5 major state of brainwaves

Brainwaves is something to do with the frequencies of the brain. There are normally 5 major states of brainwaves frequencies happening in our brain. These are as follows:

  • Delta
  • Theta
  • ¬†Alpha
  • Beta
  • Gamma

These are the state of frequencies regularly producing in the brain. Whatever we do and say is nothing other than regulating by the frequencies of brainwaves. The state of frequencies in our brain always regulates our action.

Delta: Delta state of frequencies in brain is the most slowest frequencies in brain. It happens during the deep sleep & deep dreamless sleep. 0 to 4 hz cycle per second frequencies is calculated in brain.

Delta Waves Binaural Beats ( Delta Waves Rhythms )

Theta: Theta state is one of the prominent states of brainwaves. It deals with deep state of meditation and relaxation. Theta brainwaves plays role in dreaming and hypnosis. The state of brainwaves frequencies shows 4 to 7 cycle per second. To get the mind into theta state mediators meditate for long time to obtain utter calmness.

Theta Waves Binaural Beats ( Theta Waves Rhythms )

Alpha: The frequencies range of Alpha waves is 7 to 14 cycles per second. This brainwaves frequencies take place between theta and beta.Relax and meditative state of mind deals with alpha waves. A pleasant dreamlike fantasy happens in mind within alpha brainwaves. It is very important to generate sufficient alpha brainwaves to make the brain memory powerful. A person having memory difficulties have found alpha waves not working well in the brain. Alpha waves can be used in healing technique.

Alpha Waves Binaural Beats ( Alpha Waves Rhythms )

Beta: The frequencies range of Beta waves is 14 to 28 cycles per second. The beta brainwaves frequencies signifies the activeness and alert of mind. During the beta moment of brain mind is so active. The active action of the body regulates by the beta state of mind. Thinking, talking and communicating is in fact the action of beta brain waves. While paying attention and giving information to others the frequencies of brain is moving in beta waves.

Beta Waves Binaural Beats ( Beta Waves Rhythm )

Gamma: The frequencies range of gamma waves is 40 to 5000 cycles per second. This brainwaves frequencies deals with higher mental activities. Gamma frequencies move in our brain when we learn something and even process the object like shape, movement, color and size. Person having good gamma brainwaves frequencies can learn fast.

Gamma Waves Binaural Beats ( Gamma Waves Rhythm )

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