Beyond The 7 Chakras | Earth, Lunar, Solar, Galactic & Universal Chakras


To The 8th Chakra and Beyond:

We are all enlightened with the knowledge of our body having 7 chakras from the root to the crown. However, there are chakras up above the crown chakras and one below the root chakra. I bet many of us did not know that before. If you are a keen observer and happen to be at the Bhaktapur Museum in Nepal, do not forget to observe the paintings for an understanding of the Higher Chakras. Let us find out about these Chakras in brief.

  • Earth Chakra: The Earth Chakra is located below the root chakra. Wherever we move, we find that the earth chakra is below us, about a foot and a half below the earth’s surface. It shrinks, or you could say, gets concentrated while you are standing and it expands, or spreads when you sit down. This is the Chakra that maintains your connection with the Earth. Any kind of turbulence temporarily disturbs this chakra but it falls back in place. You might notice that your body shakes for a while after experiencing an earthquake, yes, it is because your relation to this chakra has vibrated unnaturally and your relation to the earth has been disrupted. This Chakra connects us to the physical world and its environment.  The colour of this chakra is referred to as black. This chakra plays a vital role in maintaining the strength of our Spinal cord and the vertebral column, it is responsible in healing bone or bone marrow related dis-eases.  

Exercise to Strengthen this Chakra: Sit down in a comfortable position. Relax your body, then your mind, then your breath. Now, feel your body’s touch with the ground. Breath as you make your body a part of the ground. Now slowly, with your eyes closed, imagine your body going deeper into the earth. AS you go deeper, your surrounding gets darker and darker until eventually you find yourself covered by darkness entirely. This darkness is your earth chakra. Immerse yourself in it, stay there for a while, breathe deeply, relax and after about 5 minutes come back.

  • Lunar Chakra: If the Earth chakra is the 9thth, this is considered as the 9th Charkra. It is located right above the Crown Chakra. Once we reach the crown chakra, our doorway to the cosmic nergy opens. However, in order to maintain and dabble in the arts of cosmic energy properly, we need to have a knowledge of the chakras above the crown. When we start seeing the world through this Chakra, the concept of time and space disappears. If you close your eyes and stay in this chakra for 7 earth hours, it only feels like an instant when you come back down to the physical reality. It also gives you access to the sound of the world. A sound that is like honey dripping onto your being. This Chakra can also connect you to your spirit guides. Remaining in this Chakra also heals your being. It is discovered to be silver in colour and links us to the energy of the moon. The Chandra Bamshi (Moon Dynasty) of the Indian Sub continent were called so because of their link to this Chakra. This Chakra also activates your Jati Smaran (Past life Memory). This Chakra states “I am the soul.” 
  • Solar Chakra: After the Lunar Chakra, comes the 10th Chakra which is located above the lunar chakra. This Chakra is related to the word “Destiny”. As living beings of this earthly realms, we might have a difficult time comprehending the higher Chakras and for every individual, it might be a different experience of all the chakras above the crown chakra, but nevertheless, this Chakra iss linked with the purpose of our soul and whatever we have come to do in this earthly world or cosmic world. In simpler words, this chakra is the information centre of your destiny for this life and for thousands of life ahead of this one. This chakra is represented with a Golden colour and is related to the masculine or the Sun energy of a human being. This Chakra states “I am” 
  • Galactic Chakra:  We have already ascended the physical realm and with that ascension we leave the world of word behind. As we reach the Galactic Chakra, words start becoming hazy and vague. A being aware in this Chakra is regarded as a Super Being or a Super Human. They are considered to be even above Deities and angels. Communication with Spirits and Angels and Gods and Deities is a normal thing. The being of this Chakra, if decides to come back down and spread his knowledge, shall become an incredible teacher. People of this Chakra are able to carry out incredible tasks in the material world. Alchemy of materials is a simple thing to them. Whatever they think can manifest in the world almost instantly. They are also able to perfom reiki with unbelievable success. The Colour of this Chakra Ascends  the frequency of the colours that we can see. Technically, the colour of this chakra is probably, somewhere in the ultraviolet scale. The Statement of this Chakra is “Am” where the ego or the “I” gets dropped. 
  • The Universal Chakra: The Ultimate. When Lao Tzu said, “The truth cannot be said in words and if anything is said in words, it is not the truth. “He was probabl referring to the experience of this Chakra. Here all words, concepts and ideas disappear. Nothing is left. Only entirely bliss! Completely! Totally!  Unity. One with everything. The drop has been dropped into the ocean. Now it is present everywhere and nowhere at the same time. All colours disappear, all sounds disappear, all lights disappear, all experiences disappear, everything disappears, you disapoear, your ego, your concept of being Divine, you concept of reaching anywhere, EVERYTHING! DISAPPEARS! FINISHED!!!! ALL YOU KNOW IS BLISS! BLISS!! BLISS!!! All perevading bliss. There is no statement for this Chakra. The only statement we can try to utter BEFORE ENTERING this chakra is “OM SHANTI SHANTI SHANTI.”



Until Next Time
Shunya Samarpan



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