Benefits of Meditation for Mental & Physical Health


We all learnt in the previous article a few ways to start meditating. Now we shall discuss why we need to meditate or the benefits of meditation.

The times we are living in now is a tumultuous one, with every one of our lives becoming a roller-coaster ride. We barely have time to talk to our peers or our loved ones. We have started scheduling or leisure or vacations. That’s such a stupid thing to do! Vacation is a vacation! It’s something that you do with minimal planning! But we have become so functional that we itinerate our vacations too!


We barely have time for ourselves in this fast paced society. Giving short spurts of quality time to yourself won’t hurt, would it? That’s exactly what meditation does.   

Let’s find out what meditation exactly does to benefit you:

  • Brain Empowerment

When you listen to music your brain frequencies start resonating or dancing to the beat of the music, hence making you feel at ease. Meditation does something similar. It tunes you with the beat of Existence or say the Universe. Now Imagine how peaceful your brain might feel with that! Things you already have and more accepting of the things the Universe might be willing to offer to you.

  • Stress Relief

When the brain is not dancing to a hundred melodies, you feel at ease and at peace, (I cannot stress that enough), and you feel more satisfied with yourself, more pacified with your life, more grateful of the things that you have and more accepting of the things the Universe is willing to provide to you.

  • Mind Focus

Now when you do not have a 100 things stuffed and piled in your brain, you can choose to focus on one and only one thing that is important to you at this particular moment. Hence making your mind more focused. Your mind, which was like a saucer and trying to cover everything from every possible direction, becomes an arrow which focuses and shoots at one important priority of yours.

  • Identify/Reach Goals

Imagine there are a hundred pathways and at the end of one is your destination, now if you do not know which pathway to take, then the journey will be very tedious, but if you do, you feel like there is no effort to be made. Hence, when you have a focused mind, it’s easier to identify and reach your goals.

  • Mood Enhancement

Your mood depends upon your heartbeat and your breath. Try it, see how you are breathing when you are angry or sad, or happy. See how the heart beats when you are anxious and then when it relaxes. When you dive into meditation, your heart rate is slowed down, and your breath becomes more deeper and subtle. Automatically transferring you to a relaxed state of mind.

  • Self Centered

Once you get used to meditation, you become a master of yourself. You understand your spirit and your being and feel more at home with yourself. You no longer look for approvals from other but rather start enjoying life in your own way. This makes you grounded and self centered. You understand your own virtues and vices and also know how to deal with them .

  • Balance

Now with no 6 completed, you have a better understanding of your good habits and your bad ones. And as mentioned before you also have a better understanding of them. For example, you have a habit of chain-smoking and want to minimize it but have not been able to? Once you start spending a lot of time with yourself, you will start to discover the reasons you smoke like a chimney and let it go, hence making it easier for you to deal with your smoking habits.

  • Make connections

Until and unless you make an integral connection with yourself, you cannot connect intimately with others, but once you do that, you start understanding that other people are humans just like you and they have their angels and demons. And if you are sensitive enough you may start to help identify them their angels and demons making an impact in their life. And what other better way is there to connect with someone than by making a positive impact in their life.

  • Boost Immune System

The people who go the gym understand that rest is as important as working out. Once your muscles are used, they stretch, might tear up or be damaged, now they need a good rest and when you give them that, they emerge better than before. The case is similar with meditation, when you meditate, you go into a state similar to deep sleep and that helps your body repair its wear and tears, it helps your mind repair its functionalities and your spirit repair its stability. Hence, all in all boosting your immune system and making you better than before.

  • Anti Aging

This sounds a bit uncanny but I tell you it’s true. When you sleep, the body repairs without you being aware, but when you meditate your body is repairing itself and you are aware too. That makes the repairing process much more easier and quicker. When you meditate, all your tissues come at rest and in their original position, with positive energy flowing throughout your body, the wrinkles start to life up, the bones start becoming more lubricated, your posture is maintained and all in all your aging process is slowed down.

  • Healthy Heart

Meditating slows down your heart rate and makes your blood circular more intense and more controlled by the heart, when you begin to meditate, stress is taken away from your ever blood pumping heart and it finds its work relatively easier.

  • More Energy

All in all, when you practice meditation regularly, you being to develop a healthy body, a healthy mind and a healthy spirit, you breath deeper, you smile more frequently, your blood circulation becomes better, your nervous system improves, your physical health is groomed, and this ultimately gives you more energy to live a fuller, more deeper life.


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