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Eat Barley Everyday | You Won’t Believe These 5 Barley Health Benefits

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barley health benefits

Do You Know One Of The Whole Grains, Barley Has Amazing Health Benefits? Barley Is Full Of Antioxidants And Is Gaining Popularity Due To its Various Barley Health Benefits.

Barley Health Benefits: I love having oats early in the morning with honey and almonds. When mango season is in, I also add mango in my healthy bowl of oats. Well until last month, I was unaware of another whole grain called Barley. When my nephew told me about barley health benefits and it’s consumption to maintain a healthy weight, I was amazed. After that, I started researching a lot about Barley.

So, What Is Barley? How Does barley health benefits Improve Health

Barley is a whole grain and a part of the grass family. This grain has been popular since the medieval ages. It is commonly found in bread and beverages.

Do You Know Barley Malt Is Key Ingredient To Make Beer?

You can also use barley in a stew, soup, and salad. Well, I loved the chewy texture and nutty flavor of barley. So, you can also enjoy barley like quinoa or rice.

Types of Barley

Dehulled barley: unprocessed and takes longer to cook.

Hulless Barley: healthiest kind of barley as it is the whole grain form of barley.

Pearl Barley: As the outer husk is removed pearl barley is less nutritious than hulless and dehulled barley. However, many people prefer to use this type of barley as it still is nutritious. In addition to that, it is softer and takes less time to cook.

Ok! Let’s not wait anymore and jump into five amazing barley health benefits.


5.Improves Digestion

Barley is a rich source of dietary fiber, which improves intestinal health. The dietary fiber present in barley is very good for the bacteria residing in the large intestine. These bacteria ferment the fiber and form butyric acid. Butyric acid is the primary fuel for intestinal cells.

As the intestinal cells become healthy, the digestion system of the body improves.

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Do You Know Approximately 6 Grams Of Fiber Can Be Found In Each One-Cup Serving Of Barley?

Because of the insoluble fiber present in the barley, consumption of barley also helps to fight constipation. Along with that, barley also helps to prevent colon cancer.

4.Control Blood Sugar Level

Barley helps to slow the rate of sugar released into the bloodstream. There are 8 essential amino acids found in barley. These amino acids which act as protein blocks control insulin release better in comparison to any other whole grains. According to the recent study done in Lund University, Sweden barley can effectively improve health by reducing the risk for diabetes. As per the study, dietary fiber present in the barley increases insulin sensitivity and stimulates the good bacteria.

Anne Nilsson, Associate Professor at the Food for Health Science Centre, said that consuming barley provides an individual with remarkable health benefits. She further stated:

After eating the bread made out of barley kernel, we saw an increase in gut hormones that regulate metabolism and appetite, and an increase in a hormone that helps reduce chronic low-grade inflammation, among the participants. In time this could help prevent the occurrence of both cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

This clearly points out that barley reduces the risk of diabetes. Similarly, the consumption of barley increases the flow of good hormones.

3.Lowers High Cholesterol

Propionic acid prepared by insoluble fiber found in barley helps to lessen the production of cholesterol. Because of this very reason, barley consumption is good to lower high cholesterol. Besides that, this health benefit of barley makes it one of the best whole grains for heart health. Barley not only provides with propionic acid but also with beta glucan.

Beta glucansecures bile in the digestive tract lowers cholesterol. This helps to get rid of cholesterol through the colon in the form of stool.

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2.Maintains Healthy Weight

As barley is full of insoluble dietary fiber, it helps us to feel fuller. It reduces appetite helping people to crave less for junk and sugary foods. A healthy bowl of barley helps to lower the overall calorie intake. Our body requires a longer time to digest fiber. Due to this, the consumption of barley decreases the level of hunger, absorbs starches at a lower rate and maintains the healthy weight.

1.Strengthens Immune System

Copper and iron supplement found in barley strengthens the immune system. A bowl of barley a day helps in proper functioning of body cells and kidney. The iron found in barley helps to make our body stronger, prevents fatigue and gives energy. Barley is rich in iron, phosphorous, calcium, magnesium, manganese, and zinc. These nutrients not only boost the immune system but also maintain bone structure.

Is Barley Water Beneficial For Health? Know More of barley health benefits

There are people who also prefer barley water along with direct consumption of barley. Barley water is considered to be beneficial for gut bacteria, lowers cholesterol and lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease. In addition to that, it also contributes to weight loss.

Is Barley Gluten Free?

No, barley is not gluten-free. It contains around 5 to 8 percent gluten. People with celiac disease or non-celiac gluten sensitivity should avoid barley.

Bottom line, barley is one of the healthy whole grains. It is a rich source of fiber. On top of that, it is full of iron, phosphorous, calcium, magnesium, manganese, and zinc. However, if you are gluten sensitive, you should avoid barley.

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