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Work has been disassociated with our life. Work has become a shameful thing. A Western Philosopher said that the time is not far when people will carry out their love affair through a servant. We have already started doing this. In the east, they have pundits who pray for us and worships the deities for us. We have already started expressing our love to the Supreme through servants so should we really be surprised if tomorrow we start expressing our love to another human being through a servant? One day such a time may come where the rich and the poor shall be classified by their ability to love through a servant. There are so many things we have assigned our servants to do. And by doing this, we do not realize that we have missed out so much in life. The human body was devised to do balanced work, but we have become lazy by either making our servants or Artificial Intelligence do all our work.

Abraham Lincoln was polishing his shoes one fine day when one of his friends came and asked him, astonished, “Lincoln, you polish your own shoes?” while Lincoln calmly replied, “Why? Do you polish other people’s shoes?” the friend laughed and said, “No Silly! I make other people, I mean the cobbler polish my shoes.” To which Lincoln replied, “You make other people polish your shoes?  That’s worse than polishing other people’s shoes!”


What does this mean? This means that we have disconnected ourselves with life because we are directly connected to life through our work, most of which is physical. Our connection with nature is directly linked to the work.

One day, Confucius was walking around a village where he saw an old farmer pulling out water from a well via a bucket with much difficulty. The farmer and his young son were relentlessly toiling to pull water out of the well. Confucius thought to himself, “Does this old farmer not know that it is not necessary nowadays to pull water out from a well yourself and rather it should be done through an ox or a horse? Why is he so old fashioned”


So Confucius went to the farmer and said, “Don’t you know that people have discovered new ways to pull water out from a well? These days it can be done through Oxen and Horses!”

The farmer replied, “Shh! Speak softly, make sure my younger son does not hear about it.”
Confucius asked, “But why?”


The farmer replied, “I know of all these new inventions. But these inventions and discoveries have disconnected people with the physical work they are made to do. And I don’t want my little son to be disconnected from physical toil because life is synonymous to work and toil.”

But nowadays we think that the people that do not need to work physically are living a lavish and extravagant life and we think of them as fortunate while we think of the people who work with their hands as unfortunate and poor. We need to come out of this school of thought and need to understand that it is quite important to work physically in life because only when we are toiling physically does consciousness arrive at the Belly from the mind. The mind is not necessary when it comes to physical labor but the belly is because that is where all the life energy needed for work is stored. With proper and balanced food, a little physical work is also very important to have a blissful life. And this is not to be done for others. Do not think that if you go and spend a couple of hours in the farm then it is beneficial for the farmers, if you do the dishes tonight, it is beneficial for your mother or your helper. No,  not at all, it is solely beneficial to you. If it is beneficial to somebody else, then that is social work and it is also good, but the first and the foremost reason to do physical work is you and entirely you and solely you.

Churchill was working in his garden in the days of his retirement. When his friend asked him about politics, he said, “Leave that behind, if you want to ask me about any subject, it should be either gardening or the bible because nowadays, I labor and I pray. The entire game of politics is behind me, I have left it behind.  

The day our labor becomes our prayer, we can understand that we have achieved a level of meditation.

But we have not put our mind to labor yet. All of us have tried our best to avoid labor. The materialists avoided labor because he could buy it. The spiritualists avoided labor because they had renounced the world. The result was that the two respectable factions of the society, the rich and the religious took themselves as far as they could away from work. Therefore the rest of the people who got engaged in labor became a faction that was no longer respected.

However, for a meditator, it is utterly important to perform balanced labor. Not because you might create something out of labor, but because it brings your consciousness to your belly from your brain. It could simply be exercise. Nevertheless, it is very important. However, human beings are prone to making mistakes. Just like people overeat or under-eat, people tend to overwork or under work. Mind you, unlike popular thought, wrestlers with their big mass aren’t as healthy as you think. That’s them over working their body, or you could say in a sense, they’re raping their body. No wrestler really lives long or dies healthy. They die of dangerous diseases. They made their body worth showing, worth an exhibition but worth living? Mm-mm, not really.

Hence, just like in the case of food, one needs to find the right amount of labor that is suitable for his or her body, and when one does that, he or she finds it easier to dive in deep meditation.


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Shunya Samarpan



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