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I give you a compass and place you in the middle of a thick jungle. You later realize that the compass also has a mirror on its back. Please Go through this article and tell us in the comments below,

“Why does the compass have a mirror?”


Science in spirituality started with Gautama the Buddha.  Buddha addresses not just your heart also your mind and your brain. The Human Being is a product of brain activities, so where everybody fails to pursue you into finding Peace and Godliness, Buddha succeeds.

The mind is the beginning of the Human, but the end is something way beyond it.


Buddha spoke 2500 years ago, but his words are relevant till date. His words, are timeless, it is as if he is speaking directly to you, and into your ears. Buddha is the first scientist of Spirituality and Religion because he analyzed Life without any bias. Therefore, you do not need to have blind faith to understand the Buddha.  You just need to genuinely contemplate and experiment with your experiences, eventually, it will take you to truth.  

Faith is secondary, experience is primary. One can never bring about faith, without experience. Even if somehow you manage to believe without any experience, deeply rooted will be your doubt towards your own beliefs. And the peace your make believe brings, is just as fake as your beliefs. It shall be only text deep, without any true meaning. We tend to have fake faith because rooted inside us is fear. But that’s a topic for the future.


The Scientific Spirituality starts with analysis and ends in faith.

“Become your own candle and whatever the candle light shows you, is your experience that you will believe in. Somebody else’s light will guide you only for so long.”

Unlike other spiritual Gurus, Buddha never asks you to believe in God, or in the Heavens or messengers. Maybe that is the reason H.G.Wells said , “I have never seen such a Godly and Godless person at once.” About Buddha.

There has never been anybody who spoke as much as Buddha and there was nobody who was as familiar to silence as the Buddha.  He spoke so much about so many things but never did he speak about God, because he wanted people to believe in themselves and their own experiences rather than a Heavenly Figure.” Buddha is the greatest believer because he has been the most genuine seeker.

If Buddha spoke all his living years and he never spoke about God then one might wonder, what did he speak about?  He analyzed the sickness of human beings and then devised medications for it. Only after sickness ended, you shall know true health” said the Buddha

Buddha’s words start somewhere in silence and end in a silent abyss.  


2500 years ago, when Buddha was born, there was celebration, Asita the great sage of that time took the newborn baby in his arms and wept, when asked for the reason for his lamentation , he replied, “ The Greatest master has been born but I have only a few months to love. I will not be around to listen to his wise words. .Therefore I weep.” But fortunately for all of us who have been born after him, his words are contemporary and hence relevant in this 21st century too.  

All of Buddha’s words are worth experimenting. Each sentence is a technique of meditation.

For Example:

Normally your life is a regret of past and an expectation of the future, you are not really sure about what you want to do or where you want to go in life. This is true for everybody, isn’t it?

You create a lot of false dreams. According to Freud, humans cannot live without lies. Life is long and you cannot live without lies.

Therefore we create false destinations, false ideas and false dreams.  In it we find solace. But false destinations don’t have true pathways so we create false paths too! And there we find solace again, we try to console ourselves. And we say to ourselves that our life is full. Our whole life is an untrue consolation.


When somebody dies, we say,  “He lived a fulfilled life.”  But we say that about everybody that dies, and nobody had their lives full. We never live fully, because we can live fully only after witnessing the truth.

We create dreams, (The word itself tells us that its not real, it’s a dream), false ambitions, and goals, and when we are tired of that we create spiritual dreams. We are such cunning creatures aren’t we? So what do we do about it?

Buddha has never asked you to fill yourself with truth, Buddha says simply empty yourself of lies, what remains is the truth. But no matter how many people ask you to awaken from false dreams, you tend to keep sleeping. Why?- Because of the ego- “I”. Which is a lie too! We misunderstand that we are different from everything else. We are not. We are one in unity with existence and hence not different from anything else. We are like a drop in the ocean. Can a drop claim its individual identity and claim to do miracles and great endeavors? No!

We need to forget that you possess anything in this life. Just think of it this way.
Neither birth is yours nor death , so how can something in between be yours?

We need to understand our tendency to get lost. And genuinely try to find a path. Because we tend to lose ourselves sometimes in the name of peace and bliss too. And we start becoming restless for peace. Lol. Restless for peace! What a stupid notion!

Let’s be true seekers and the truth is bound to find us. I have tried my best to elaborate what I have heard and known, I shall grow with time, with you. Let’s take this journey together.

“The truth cannot be said in words, if it is said in words, it is not the Truth.” –Lao Tzu.


Interpreted From “Osho The Dhammapada”

Until Next Time

Shunya Samarpan


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