See These 5 Amazing Sweating Benefits That You Didn’t Know


Nobody likes sweating like a pig! A nasty dripping sweat not only ruins your personality but your dress as well. Yuck! Sweating in the wrong place like during a date or a public place or at work is really embarrassing, believe me, I’ve been there too. But last week, after reading an article, I came to know that sweating is actually not that bad. Sweating is perhaps really good for your skin and your overall health. From detoxing your skin to healing your wound, there are tons of sweating benefits that you all didn’t know about.

But before I take you to the main article let’s take a quick tour on how sweat is actually formed and why does it happen?


How Is Sweat Formed?

Sweating; also termed as perspiration is the mechanism of production of fluids secreted by the sweat glands present in the skin of the mammal. Sweating is our body’s mechanism of balancing the body’s temperature, by getting rid of excess body heat. Most of us perceive that we sweat only when it’s hot outside but the amount of sweat produced depends not only on atmospheric temperature but our state of emotion and the amount of physical activity.

Our skin consists of numerous sweat glands and when they get stimulated, the cells start to secrete a fluid similar to that of plasma. The plasma is mostly water along with a high concentration of sodium and chloride. The source of this fluid is the spaces between the cells (interstitial spaces), which get the fluid from the blood vessels (capillaries) in the dermis. This fluid travels from the coiled portion up through the straight duct and finally, it gets released from our skin.


But why do we sweat? The science behind this is that when your body starts to heat up, whether because of exercise, work or stress, our brain sends signals to the 2.5 million eccrine glands (sweat glands) to produce sweat in order to lower our body temperature.

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Health Benefits of Sweating

1.Protects Your Skin From Bacterial Infection

When you sweat, your body naturally produces an antibacterial compound, called dermcidin which is capable of killing several bacteria including E.coli. A study conducted in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2013 found that the dermcidin worked to protect the skin from bacteria and bugs like tuberculosis. The study further showed that the compound was more efficient than other medical antibiotics as the bacteria could not develop any resistance against dermcidin.

2. Helps To Heal Wound

I am really clumsy and when it comes to cooking or shaving, I injure myself a lot. Instead of running to a drug store to buy a band-aid or borolin, try a little sweat! Sweat can increase the speed of healing as certain sweat glands, particularly, eccrine glands contain four different types of stem cells that are capable of enhancing skin’s regenerative capabilities, even getting rid of the injured marks. So, next time you cut yourself up, try sweating a lot.


I know.. I know. Sweating and detoxification, don’t go well together right? When we think of detoxification, our mind dives into horrible diets and all those herbal teas that we loathe drinking. But this might surprise you knowing that sweating can actually detox your body.Every time you sweat, your body flushes out toxins and substances like alcohol, salt, and cholesterol.

4. Regulates Body temperature

Our body is constantly sweating. Though we don’t notice it, our body is constantly releasing the liquid to regulate the body heat. Not only this, sweating also secretes feel-good hormones like endorphins giving you a sense of pleasure and comfort. A stable body temperature is must for our body to metabolize and function properly. Hence sweating prevents our body from overheating and hyperventilating. Every time we sweat, our brain notes down the conditions within which this occurred. This helps it to learn from past experiences and become more efficient at cooling and heating the body as required.

5. Reduces pain

Sweating not only regulates your body temperature, but it also help to reduce the pain in your muscles. A study published in the journal Pain Physician back in 2012 found that researchers’ personally tailoring exercise to patients was an effective way to naturally lower their chronic pain. The mechanism behind this is still not clear but exercising and sweating have pain-numbing effect which is useful when you’re suffering any kind of chronic pain.

After finding out all these magical benefits of sweating, I won’t mind sweating quite so much now, but will you?


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