What are the Advantages of Binaural Beats ? The Benefits of Using Brainwaves Sound Therapy


The term binaural literally signifies “hearing with both ears”. When two frequencies lower than 1500 Hz and with a difference of less than 40 Hz between them are presented to a listener one frequency through each ear, the listener perceives an auditory illusion known as a binaural beat.

Many different studies have claimed that meditation can make a person happier, smarter, and healthier. These studies claim that, regular meditation can reduce stress, stimulate new brain cell formation and slow the rate of brain cell aging. But meditation is anything but an easy practice. It takes time and dedication to calm the mind and master the technique. Binaural beats can be a substitute for meditation because binaural beats perform just as well as meditation when it comes to reducing stress and stimulating the brain cells. Binaural beat is one the most popular forms of sound technology developed in the past five decades that can induce the same brainwave state as meditation.


The human brain cells generate electricity as a way to communicate to each other. This activity forms patterns in the brain known as the brain waves. There are five major patterns or types of brain waves according to scientists, namely; Gamma (31-100Hz), Beta (16-30Hz), Alpha (8-15Hz), Theta (4-7 Hz), Delta (0.1-3 Hz). Each of these brainwaves associate a different state of consciousness. Humans go through different states of brainwaves depending on the experience, but binaural beats can easily help us manipulate the brainwaves.

Binaural beat causes the brain to synchronize itself  with the beat frequency and helps induce a desired brainwave pattern and its experience, almost at will. Binaural beats will help the listener to calm the mind more easily, help them focus easily and reduce the feeling of physical restlessness. Using binaural beats provides a shortcut to goals achieved through meditation, all the listener needs is a pair of fully functional headphones or earphones. Many people have reported that listening to binaural beats has quickly brought their minds into the same deep state as meditation.


One study found that using sound technologies such as binaural beats is beneficial for mental disorders like Alzheimer’s disease, cognitive decline, learning disorders, memory loss, dementia and verbal learning. In addition, listening to binaural beats brain waves frequencies also reduces outbursts of anger, reduces anxiety, stress, depression and pain. Binaural beats have also been known to boost the creativity of the listener as well as help the listener sleep better.

Delta waves binaural beats for deep sleep and meditation:


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