10 Things You Should Not Do To Your Hair

9 Things You Should Never Do To Your Hair!

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Do you want thick, lustrous, attention-vying locks? If you do, then stop doing these 9 things to your hair!

Never do to your hair: Let’s admit, we’ve all tried several hacks, tips, and tricks to keep our precious hair healthy and long, doing everything to not make these babies fall off our head. But you might have not realized that the daily habits of yours like ironing, shampooing, coloring and so on is damaging your hair slowly day by day.

With that being said, I’ve come to learn quite a few things you should never do to your hair. Read this article on 9 things that you should never do to your hair and rise from all the myths that have been keeping you from attaining a gorgeous mane.

9. Not trimming your hair or getting a haircut

Ladies, if you want to grow your hair long and healthy, do not skip that hair appointment. I REPEAT, DO NOT SKIP IT! When you stop trimming your hair, split ends start to appear, making it weak, dehydrated and prone to hair fall. Split ends also rob your hair of its shine, making it look dull, brittle and lifeless. Not only this, trimming or getting a haircut enables your hair to grow faster, thicker and longer.


8. Towel drying roughly

Rough toweling or manhandling wet hair can make your hair susceptible to breakage and hair fall so never do to your hair. Wet hair is more sensitive and fragile. When you rub the hair harshly with a towel, the friction against the hair cuticle damages your hair strands. How? Well, when you rub the hair, the towel rubs off hair conditioner that you’ve used, making it dry and prone to breakage. Therefore, instead of rubbing roughly, try air drying your hair or gently pressing your water out with a softer towel.




7. DIY(Dying It Yourself)

I can relate when you loathe going to a hair salon and have some bright ideas of dying it yourself at home. But hair experts and stylists have considered it a big NO-NO. We’re not expert and we might leave the dye for too long or use the formula in a wrong way, causing a permanent hair damage. Most do not even know that they’re allergic to hair dye and end up getting a bad headache and rash on their scalp. But if you love experimenting with your hair, go for organic hair colors such as Surya Brasil Henna Cream, Palette By Nature All Natural Hair Color, Logona Herbal Hair Color Creme, Herbatint Permanent Hair Color Gel and so on.




6.Over Shampooing

Keeping your hair clean and dandruff free is the best idea but washing it too often will only do more harm than good. Our hair contains natural oils that keep the hair healthy and shiny. However, if you wash your hair every day, then your hair might lose it’s natural oil, making it dull and dry. Washing your hair about three to four times a week is a good schedule for oily manes, while two to three times a week is better for a dryer and thinner hair. But if your lifestyle and hectic schedule demand frequent hair wash, then go for organic shampoos which consist of naturally-derived ingredients. Four best organic shampoos according to Bustle includes:




5.Stying wet hair

Stying when your hair is wet can damage your hair to the next level. Using a hot iron or curler on a wet hair can literally fry your hair. Hence, never do to your hair or, avoid this worst nightmare by just letting your hair dry completely before you start styling it. Kelsey Osterman, the senior stylist at New York City’s Cutler Salon stated that even a hairbrush on wet hair can cause major breakage since the dampness weakens the hair shaft.



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4.Using hot water for hair wash

A hot shower is what you need to relax after a restless day. Nevertheless, washing your hair with hot water can seriously destroy your hair. Hot water opens te hair’s cuticles and follicles, allowing the natural oils from the hair to escape. So, ladies, avoid washing your hair with hot water and if you need to take hot showers, use a shower cap to protect your hair. To add more, washing your hair with cold water seals your cuticle, giving smoother cuticle that reflects the light more giving you a lustrous shine.



3.Tight ponytails

Never pull back your hair into a ponytail or bun after washing. By doing this, you will only snap the hair strands and cause breakage all over. Also, using a hair tie will only cause more tension and is aggressive on the strands. For sectioning hair, you can always use hair clips for less damage.


2.Consuming sugar and diet sodas

Sugar not only affects your weight and metabolism, but it also affects how your hair looks. Consuming processed sugars hinders the absorption of protein by your hair. They cause your hair to thin out eventually leading to hair loss. Also, consuming heavy amount of diet sodas every day has also been linked to hair loss, The artificial sweeteners, particularly, aspartame causes your hair to go weak and fall out.


1. Eating fish with high levels of Mercury

Fish consists of omega-3 fatty acids that promote hair growth but eating fish with high levels of mercury such as swordfish and mackerel can lead to hair loss. In addition, toxic heavy metals including mercury, aluminum, copper can also affect hair growth, resulting in shedding of the hair.



Therefore, avoid eating fish containing high levels of mercury and go for healthier options such as salmon and tuna.

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