7 Common Cold and Flu Myths Explained!


It’s time to dispell some misinformation about the flu and the common cold!

Cold and flu season is around the corner and you might have already started noticing a family member or a friend or yourself getting infected with the unpleasant respiratory viruses. It’s no surprise that we’ve all heard some hearsays and beliefs about the flu while growing up. Most of us still follow the beliefs and information that have been passed along the generation, but what if I tell you that everything you heard so far about the flu and cold might not be true?

Here are these 7 Common Cold and Flu Myths that you have heard of and some shocking truths about them!


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7. Going out on wet hair or going out in cold can result in flu


It’s important to understand that the temperature outside or the fact that your hair is wet do not determine you getting infected with the cold. The only way to catch flu or cold is exposure to influenza virus. There are millions of influenza virus in our surrounding and we can be infected easily if our immunity is compromised or if it’s the flu season. Coincidently, the flu season falls in the same time as winter so, most people often link flu with cold weather but that’s not true.


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