5 Things Your Nose Tells About Your Health

5 Things Your Nose Tells About Your Health

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The Nose Really Knows! Nose, one of the vital sensory organs of the human body can do more than just smell and breathe.

Do you want to know the  5 Things Your Nose Tells About Your Health? From helping you sniff out hidden pizza under your bed to aiding you BREATHE and SURVIVE, human nose has come a long way. But aside these functions, there are tons of other things that your nose can do for you. Particularly, provide you with warning signs whether or not you’re susceptible to any other diseases like diabetes and even Alzheimers‘!

5. Nosebleeds

A sudden nosebleed during summer can signify that you have dry sinuses. Air draws moisture from your sinuses, causing them to go dry, crack and bleed. Aside from this, nosebleeds can also be a warning sign of genetic disorder, Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia. This condition can make you wake up to a bloody pillow in the middle of the night. The sudden nosebleed can also cause dangerous problems such as blood clots in your lungs, or stroke. Other causes of nosebleed can signal other health conditions such as seasonal allergies, hemophilia, nasal sprays and so on.

4.Weak Sense of Smell

Weak sense of smell can be a symptom of a common cold but in most cases, it can also signify that you might have diabetes. High blood sugar can damage nerves in your nose, resulting in a decreased sense of smell. Or sometimes, it could mess up your endocrine system, that could interfere with your sniffer. In addition to this, a decreased sense of smell can also be an early sign of developing neurodegenerative disorders like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. If you’re able to notice these early signs, you will be able to start the treatment ASAP.

3.Phantom Smell

Smelling something weird, even when there’s no such smell aka Phantom Smell denotes that you’re at high risk of brain tumors and epileptic seizures. Surprisingly, about 1 in 15 people over age 40 smell odors that aren’t there, so apparently, this condition is not that rare. It could also be a warning sign of sinus infections or mental disorders like migraines and Parkinsons.

2.Black/Brown Snot

If your snot is either black or brown then it’s probably a good idea to go see your doctor. Brown snot can denote that the quality of the air around your area is polluted. Dried blood or heavy tobacco use can also make your snot brown. Moreover, black snot defines that you might have a fungal infection in your lungs. Black phlegm could also be caused by a more serious condition, such as lung cancer.

1.Red Nose

Having a red nose all the time might reveal that you’re a stressed alcoholic. The condition which is termed as “Rosacea” signify either you’re drunk or an alcoholic. A stressed or anxious person can have a red nose whereas it can be a possible sign of allergies or thyroid disorders. If this condition lasts longs, it can even change the shape of your nose, making you harder to breathe.

So, next time you stare at yourself in the mirror, don’t forget to check out your nose!

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