5 Best Sleeping Positions For Sound Health


Ah…the relaxing and soothing sleep! A good eight hours nap is just what I need to start off my next day with full on energy and enthusiasm. Sleep is not only relaxing but it plays a crucial role in maintaining our overall health and well being. Sleep boosts brain function, enhances learning and other cognitive skills, cuts out all the stress and negativity and improves your productivity.

But despite the flexible sleeping hours, do you find yourself waking up drowsy with full body pain, having no clue how that happened? Well, it could be because of your sleeping position. Your sleeping pose creates a huge impact on your sleep cycle, pattern and overall health. Poor sleep posture can result in severe back and neck pain, sleep apnea, muscle spasm and so on in the long run. Not only this, experts and scientists have discovered the correct sleep position to treat any disease like insomnia, spine aches, indigestion, backaches, sleep apnea and so on. So through this article, your entire sleeping journey is going to change. If you’re ready, let’s begin!


1.Best Sleeping position For Digestion

Midnight snacks are the best things about life, but eating right before sleeping is not good for your health. Eating before sleeping can disrupt your sleep cycle and cause heartburn. But don’t worry guys, even if you munch on your favorite snack, you can choose a sleep position that prevents heartburn. Sleeping on your left side is found to be effective to prevent heartburn according to a study conducted by the Graduate Hospital in Philadelphia. Also lying with your face down while sleeping can aid in digestion preventing digestive problems.  Lastly, the Mayo Clinic suggests you elevate your head using pillows by 6 to 9 inches during sleep to prevent digestive problems.

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2. Best Sleeping position for Insomnia

Lack of sleep or insomnia increases the risk of premature death as claimed by many doctors and experts. Less than 6 hours of smooth sleep a night increases the danger of diabetes, stroke and other heart complications by a higher proportion. According to Public Health England, kipping for less than six hours a night means you’re 12% more likely to die prematurely from anything from diabetes to stroke to heart disease. Hence, it’s important to get proper sleep but if you suffer from insomnia, then changing your sleep posture might be beneficial to fight this problem. Positions like fetal position (lying on your side with knees drawn up) log position,(lying side with your back and legs straight) soldier position, (lying on your back, legs straight out and arms by your side) starfish position (sleep on your back and spread both arms and legs out in a five-pointed fashion)

3. Best Sleeping position for Neck Pain and Back Pain

Are you feeling unbearable pain in your neck and back every night while sleeping? This might be due to bad sleeping posture. To relieve the pain try sleeping flat on your bed without a pillow or use a thin pillow. You can figure out the best sleeping position by looking at the curve of your neck which will look similar when you’re standing with a good posture. And to get rid of the back pain you can sleep on your back with knee support. For this, you need to position a small pillow under your knees and also add extra pillows beneath your lower back. Fetal position(curled up position) is also another method to get rid of the lower back pain.


4. Best Sleeping Position for Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea has become a common disorder among many and one of the major reasons behind this is the sleeping position. Sleep apnea occurs when the muscle in your upper airway relax causing the air to get stuck in either your throat or nose. Lying on your back and sleeping is probably the worst position to sleep. Lateral Sleeping (lying on your side) is hence, the most ideal position for people who snore or those who suffer sleep apnea. Also sleeping flat on your stomach because the gravity pulls your tongue and palate forward, your mouth and nose get impaired or blocked by the pillow and your neck has to be twisted to breathe, all of which are counterproductive in clearing the airways to avoid snoring.

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5. Best Sleeping Position for Blood Circulation

Most people, when they go to sleep don’t care about sleeping position and just throw themselves on the bed and get sleep with whatever position that makes you feel comfortable. But sleep pattern and the position have a huge impact on improving our blood circulation and your heart function. If you’re really concerned about your blood flow then, the best position that you could adopt is sleeping on your left side. This is because when your heart pumps out the blood out to your body, it gets circulated and flows back to the right side of your heart. Hence, sleeping on your right side will only increase the pressure against the blood vessels making it more difficult to regulate the blood flow back to your heart. This strains your heart to a great extent if you sleep on your right side.

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