5 Amazing Health Benefits of Aloe Vera

Most people use aloe vera to cure sunburns just like I used to do. Later when I came to know about its amazing benefits from one of my friends I  became quite curious. Last month too, I fell sick due to weakness and I thought to myself, “Maybe I should try drinking aloe vera juice.” As expected, it worked like magic and I recovered sooner than I thought!

After this incident, one question kept striking my mind, ”Are there more benefits of aloe vera?” I researched and came to know there are countless benefits of it. But before moving to its benefits, let us first know what type of plant is aloe vera.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a xerophyte. In simple words, it is a succulent plant that is found mostly in the tropical climate. It is used for both agriculture and medicinal purpose. There is a gel liquid inside its leaves which contains 99% water and the rest is composed of essential amino acids, lipids, sterols and vitamins.


This plant has been used for over centuries for its medicinal, beauty, health and skin care properties. Egyptian queens Nefertiti and Cleopatra used it as part of their regular beauty regimes. Even Alexander the Great, and Christopher Columbus used it to treat soldiers’ wounds.

Aloe Vera Components:

Aloe Vera contains eight enzymes, including bradykinesia, aliases, phosphatase, alkaline, carboxypeptidase, cellulase, amylase, peroxidase, and lipase. It also carries antioxidants, vitamin A, C, and E along with vitamin B12, choline, and folic acid. Additionally, it is also composed of certain minerals such as copper, calcium, chromium manganese, selenium, potassium, zinc, and sodium. Besides, four fatty acids called cholesterol, beta-sitosterol, campesterol, and lupeol are present in aloe vera. Hormones auxins and gibberellins in it have anti-inflammatory properties and help to heal the wound.


Now, that you know every detail about this miraculous plant, let’s move on to know the major health benefits of Aloe Vera:

Boosts Immune System

Aloe vera juice has natural detoxifying properties. The level of nutrient when absorbed provides better blood circulation and keeping the cells healthy.  These cells improve your body’s ability to fight against infection, strengthening your immune system. Also, its juice has the capability to counterbalance harmful bacteria and other revitalizing properties that promise to make you fresh and energetic all day.


Improves Digestion

Aloe vera contains anti-inflammatory components, enzymes and different nutrients which boosts your digestion system. According to the Journal of Research in Medical Sciences, consuming 30 milliliters of aloe vera juice twice a day contributed to minimizing the irritable bowel syndrome among 30 patients. Aloe vera latex has strong laxative effects, making it useful to treat constipation. It however does not appear to be beneficial for other diseases of the digestive tract. Therefore, I advise you to take this juice on daily basis. This juice is available in organic stored and even in some regular food stores.

Weight Loss

Aloe vera contains sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals. This supports weight-loss and also improves overall health. According to Britt Brandon,  the author of The Everything Guide to Aloe Vera for Health,

”Aloe Vera can improve the effectiveness of your diet and maximize your weight-loss potential. With ample amounts of vitamins and minerals that contribute to weight-loss, as well as amino acids, enzymes and sterols, aloe vera ensure your diet is not only supportive of weight-loss, but also improves the body’s absorption and utilization, improving overall health as well as weight-loss success.”

Therefore, I too, recommend you to drink aloe vera juice 2 times a day. For taste, you can mix it with fruit juice and enjoy it on a hot summer day.

For more information about the health benefits of aloe vera and it’s gel, check out the video below:


Reduces Arthritis Pain

Arthritis is related with the disorder in joints and there are more than 100 types of it. Aloe vera juice contains anti-inflammatory compounds and is really effective in healing the swelling and inflammation that are somehow related to arthritis. Drinking juice, topical application, pills or capsule of aloe vera all helps equally for healing arthritis pain.

Checks Hairfall

Aloe vera contains something called proteolytic enzymes which repairs dead skin cells on the scalp. It also acts as a great conditioner and leaves your hair all smooth and shiny. It promotes hair growth, prevents itching on the scalp, reduces dandruff and conditions your hair.

Wait guys, the benefits of aloe vera is not only limited to this! It is also used for beauty regime as it contains tons of Vitamin C,E, beta-carotene which gives the skin nourishment and anti-aging benefits. I am also using aloe vera gel for my skin, and it is working like a charm on my skin. Therefore, I personally recommend all of you to try it and see the results.

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