Feeling Cold All the Time
Feeling Cold All the Time

10 Reasons for feeling cold all the time

Why am I always cold? 10 reasons you feel cold all the time

It’s middle of the summer and one wind blow can make you feel cold all the time? Ignore the cold AC temperature and winter season filled with snow. If you ask yourself why am I always cold, while your friends are complaining about the toasty temperature.

Then, it’s time to visit your doctors.

The problem is quite common, even I’m always cold and need heavy blanket throughout the year. However, if things are pretty unusual then you can always count on your doctor.

Here are some of the common reasons behind feeling cold all the times.

  • When you’re a woman

Well, this reason might be quite offensive to the feminist women. However, the study shows that there’s slight difference in normal body temperature between man and woman. According to the scientist, an average woman tends to be 3’C colder than men.

The scientist, experimented with heat sensing cameras to take body temperature in both men and women and concluded the differentiation. Another study has showcase that women can cope up with hot conditions better than men. Whereas, they are less adaptive to cold as they have less capacity to produce heat through shivering.  Likewise, woman tends to lose heat faster due to their smaller body size. Whereas, their circulatory system quite responds differently to cold temperature.

Scientist believed that this is happening due to low oestrogen, which regulates blood to peripheral blood vessels. Whereas, high level of hormone can cause blood vessels to stop even from a minimal amount of cold. As an outcome, blood flows to the skin, hands and feet begins to shut down quickly and more intensely than men. Scientist are continuously looking for this unsure natural process. Meanwhile, they think that women are better programmed to maintain regular blood flow to support pregnancy.

  • If you miss your sleep

According to the research, the loss in sleep leads to drop in normal body temperature. This is because, the loss of sleep directly affects the nervous system and mechanism that regulates the heat in our body. Such reduction activity in the hypothalamus area of the brain has knock on effect on the body’s metabolism, whereas it causes the body to be inactive and slow.

During the study, participants were asked to place their hands into a cold water bath. While their body temperature was monitored separately. Then they were kept awake for the next 29 hours and were subjected to the repeat same experiment.

The outcome was shocking as the volunteers struggled to maintain a normal body temperature. Whereas, there was vascular changes in the hand which weaken the local cold tolerance.

  • If you are underweight and overweight

If you look at yourself in the mirror and find yourself pretty thin and underweight, then that might be the answer for why am I always cold? Yes, if you have a low BMI of 18.5 then most likely you will always be cold.

It happens due to low fat in your body, which helps to insulate heat and avoid low body temperature. People who are suffering from underweight problems also lack muscle mass, which is quite important to maintain normal body temperature and speed up metabolism.

The study shows, that without moving, the muscles produce up to 25% of body natural temperature. Whereas, the more muscles you have, the more heat your body produce while at rest.

On the other hand, being overweight does not make you warm. Though, body fat act as an insulation and maintain the body heat. However, the studies say that it might not be the case. In fact, it reduces the heat around abdomen.

In an experiment, a group of overweight men were placed against normal weight people. All the participants were exposed to the cold air for an hour and then allowed to warm them. Throughout the experiment, normal body temperature was monitored.  The result proved that the overweight men responded less effectively to getting cold.

Finally, studies have showcased that overweight patients tends to have lower core body temperature than thinner people. Which makes significant metabolic changes and rise in body fat level.

  • You hardly have a glass of water in a day

Since, the world and body has tremendous amount of water, it is our duty to fill it up regularly before it gets dry. You know the feel right? when you work hard and sweat like an animal. Such condition leads to hypo hydration, a condition where a body loses uncompensated amount of water.

Well, that’s the normal situation after the heavy work out. But do you know that losing as little as 2% of body’s water can decrease your energy levels and make you cold all the time?

Meanwhile, the condition where you go low on water can deplete the fluid levels. Which causes blood pressure to drop down and slows the process of circulation blood into your brain and muscles. The condition makes you cold all the times, besides it can cause other health problems including headaches, fatigue and loss of concentration.

So, if you are wondering why am I always cold? Then try to have a glass of water in every hour. You might feel some difference.

  • If you are suffering from nerve damage

Why am I always cold? Well, it may be due to some damage in the nerve system. When there is harm in our peripheral nerves, there will be some barrier in transferring the information from the central nervous system to the body. Normally, the information should pass from the brain to spinal cord and to the rest of the body.

Due to miss-communication between body organs, you can always feel cold and numbness. If you are curious about the reason, then Diabetes mellitus is one of the common reason. It makes the reduction in uncontrolled blood sugar levels, whereas it can cause unseasonable chills.

  • If you are low in Irons

The level of Iron has so much to do with always cold feeling. Iron are basically used to help red blood cells to carry oxygen around the body. It not only carries the cells but also ensure the proper function of each cell.

And, when there’s iron deficiency, it can impact the overall process and leads to wonder “Why am I always cold”. The iron deficiency affects thermoregulation in two different ways. At first, it affects the thyroid and produce less heats. Whereas, it also affects the blood circulation and produce less oxygen. In the overall process, warmth of the body is lost and you are left with cold sensation.

  • Are you aware of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)?

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) can also make you feel cold all the time. According to the research, it has been found that up to 20% of US people suffers from Seasonal Affective Disorder. In general word, it is the condition that are quite related with depression, boredom or fatigue specially during the winter months.

Scientist have found that SAD victims tends to have lower levels of dopamine in their body. Whereas, it is related with the reduced light intensity during the winter season. Moreover, dopamine is interrelated with thermoregulation which tends to be more sensitive in cold weather.

  • If you are a regular smoker

Every time when you burn the cigarette, the toxins from the cigarette gives you cold feeling. Cigarette contains nicotine and carbon monoxide which simply irritates and damages the inner layer of blood vessels and their walls. The damage stimulates and accelerate the heart rate by about twenty beats per minute. Whereas, it also increases blood pressure and tightens the blood vessels, which results into low circulation of blood and oxygen in our body.

  • Diabetes

I have already mention about the diabetes in the above paragraphs. Whereas, it can cause you lot more than you think. Diabetes can create circulatory problems, high blood pressure and thyroid issues. Which on the other hand, increases the risk of cold hands and feet. Likewise, the continuous exposure to elevated blood glucose levels can also damage blood vessel walls, increased the risk of fatty plaque and over time, diabetes can be the reason for never damage. Well, that all leads to some coldness in your body. So, if you are a diabetes patients, don’t worry much, after all you have a solid reason to feel cold all the time.

  • Thyroid Problems

Scientist have noticed the feeling of cold all the time with people having thyroid problems long time ago. People who are suffering from thyroid problems or has already removed their thyroid seems to feel always cold.

According to the scientist, it happens due to several reasons. Whereas, hypothalamus give instructions to the thyroid gland to turn up and slow down the metabolism process. Generally, thyroid glands are responsible to burn calories and generate heat and fuel in our body. So, the absence of thyroid or underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism) doesn’t produce enough hormone thyroxine. Which overall affects the metabolism to slow and leaves you with cold sensation.

To sum up, don’t feel dehydrated and quit the smoking habits. Try to maintain your weight and balanced diet, whereas get enough sleep. Additionally, visit or consult the doctor if things are quite abnormal. In this way, you can stay away from the phrase why am I always cold.


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