10 Mind Blowing Health Benefits of Peach Juice


Summer is already here, and it’s time to relish the sunny beaches, chilled mocktails, and delicious summer fruits. And let’s admit, apart from mangoes, peaches, and plums tops chart among the delicious fruits. Taste aside, there are tons of health benefits of peach juice. Peach juice has been one of the beloved drinks for thousands of years due to its rich nutrient facts of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

Peach Juice health benefits include preventing cancer, improving cardiovascular health, respiratory health, sleep cycle, digestive problems, and vision, boosting immunity, regulates sleep disorders, detoxifies the body, supporting weight loss, regulating the sleep cycle, and many more.


What is Peach Fruit?

Peach (Prunus persica, Rosaceae) is an extremely popular tree fruit throughout the globe. The fossilized evidence suggests that peach fruit originated in China more than 8000 years ago; however, history is yet to be discovered.[1]

Peach Juice is derived from Peach Fruit, which is slightly less common fruit juice in many grocery stores. However, Peach juice is a healthy drink with a wide range of nutrients. Peach fruit looks like an apple but slightly smaller than apples. The fruit has light fuzzy outer skin and an edible seed (stone) in their center. This is the reason the fruit is considered as drupes or store fruits. Peach juice is easy to make at home; the only thing you need to do is squeeze the inner flesh of the fruit.


Peach Juice Nutrition Facts

Apart from the great taste, peach tea is also low in calorie. The juice is packed with antioxidants. Vitamins and Minerals. Organic Peach Juice is a rich source of minerals like calcium, copper, iron, zinc, magnesium, manganese, and sulfur. The juice also contains several of Vitamins like Vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, B9, and C. Apart from these nutrition facts, and peach juice allows the body to absorb nutrients rapidly, hence, it is essential for our kidneys, helps to optimize our digestive health and also assists in detoxifying the body.

nutrition facts of peach juiceIt is also a good source of vitamins C, A, E, and K, among other nutrients.[2]


This article is all about peach fruits and health benefits of peach juice. So, without further delay, let’s jump into these ten peach juice benefits.

10 Mind Blowing Health Benefits Of Peach Juice

Help to Prevent Cancer

helps to prevent cancer


Another health benefits of peach juice are that it helps to prevent cancer. Cancer is one of the leading health problems around the globe with a high mortality rate. The fact that peach juice contains antioxidants and has anti-carcinogenic properties makes it a must-have in our diet. Vitamin C in peach juice can help fight the formation of radicals that are known to cause cancer.

Peach juice contains an adequate amount of lutein and lycopene. Likewise, it also contains beta-carotene, vitamin C and vitamin E. Together, these all elements have anti-carcinogenic and tumor-suppressing qualities which makes the peach juice, one of the smart ways to avoid the risk of cancer.

Improves cardiovascular health

Improves cardiovascular health


When it comes to cardiovascular health, peach juice is a superfood. Along with anti-cancer elements, the fruit also contains a high amount of iron, potassium, and Vitamin C. All these elements make peach juice an ideal drink for maintaining a healthy heart. According to a study by Texas A&M, stone fruits like peaches have bioactive and phenolic compounds, anti-obesity and anti-inflammatory properties that might also reduce bad cholesterol associated with cardiovascular disease.[3]

Iron helps to increase blood circulation and ensures the proper flow of blood and oxygen. Potassium functions as a vasodilator to ease trouble in the blood vessels, reducing the strain on the heart.

On the other hand, Vitamin C helps to speed up the healing process of damaged arteries and tissues. Additionally, it helps to reduce the overall risk of atherosclerosis, heart attack, and stroke.

Slows the process of aging

Slows the process of aging

Most of the skin and hair care products are infused with a peach extract, which explains that peach juice has anti-aging properties. The fruit is a good source of Vitamin E and Vitamin C.

The antioxidant vitamin C in peaches, when consumed regularly helps to eliminate free radicals from the surface of the skin, and it also helps to decrease the appearance of wrinkles and other embarrassing age spots on the skin caused by the sun and pollutants. Furthermore, peach juice is famous for soothing the inflammatory conditions, giving you glowing and toned skin. Peach juice can also be applied directly on to your skin to get rid of skin disorders like dark circles, spots, blemishes, pimples, scars, and acne.


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Aids in Weight Loss

aids in weight loss

When it comes low calorie-food, peach juice is among the top fruits containing a small amount of calories. If you go for the stats, there are only about 60 calories in a single cup of peach juice. The research has stated that the regular consumption of peaches fruits or juice helps to lose weight. Along with that, it is the perfect option to burst your essential nutrients without having tons of calories per day.

Benefits or Respiratory Health

benefits of respiratory health

Another excellent health benefit of peach juice is that it improved respiratory health. The juice helps to cut the formation of mucus and phlegm inside the lungs. As a result, it eliminates the risk of possible respiratory infections. The nutrients like potassium, Vitamin C, iron, choline, and fiber content in peach juice all support heart health. Iron helps to increase circulation of proper oxygenation and bold flow, while potassium functions as a vasodilator to ease tension in the blood vessels.

According to one study, those who consumed 4069 mg of potassium per day had a 49% lower risk of ischemic heart disease compared with those who consumed less potassium.[4]


Helps to get relief from inflammatory conditions

get relief from inflammatory conditions

If you are suffering from severe inflammatory conditions like arthritis, gout, and migraine, then it’s the right time to include peach or its juice on your diet! The rich minerals found in the peaches fruits can solve it all. It helps to soothe those tissues and prevent allergic reactions like the release of histamine or other hypersensitivity reactions. However, excessive drinking of peach juice may trigger allergies.

Detoxifies the body

detoxifies the body

For thousands of years, peach has been used for its excellent diuretic and laxative properties. These fantastic properties of peach are linked to fast expulsion of toxins, fats, and salts from the body as it cleanses the intestinal tract. On the other hand, it also helps to relieve strain from the kidney and liver.

Helps to Boost Immunity

boost immunity

Immunity is the only system that keeps us safe from infection and diseases, and fortunately, peach helps to boost the level of immunity of our body. This amazing health benefit of peach juice is another main reason to include it in your daily diet. As mentioned above, peach contains a high amount of nutrients like Vitamin C, Vitamin A, lutein, lycopene, and other antioxidants properties. The combined effect of these elements works as an excellent line of defense against any foreign elements that try to infect the body. People who consume peach juice regularly are less prone to common ailments and disorders, both seasonal and chronic.


Improves vision

Improves vision

The beta-carotene elements found in the peach fruit helps to reduce oxidative stress from your retina. Likewise, it prevents macular degeneration and also lowers the possible risks of cataracts, vision loss, inflammation, and other infections. The peach juice helps improve blood circulation to the eye and the surrounding muscles; this prevents vision loss due to muscle weakness.

Regulates Sleep Disorders

regulates sleep disorders

If you have sleepless nights, then you might want to add a peach dessert on your dinner menu! Peach juice contains sedative elements that balance and regulates the sleep cycle. It also helps to balance minerals, enzymes, and antioxidants on your body. On the other hand, it helps to release “feel-good” hormones, and give you peaceful and uninterrupted good night sleep.

Steps to Prepare Peach Juice

You need to select peaches carefully to prepare your juice. Peaches come in a wide range of variety; some come in white, others yellow. White peaches are sweeter, while, yellow peaches are tarter. So, you will want to buy white peaches to prepare your juice. Also avoid brownish, bruised fruits which are damaged only look for hard or slightly soft ones.

You can even purchase canned or frozen peaches. But, keep in mind that canned peaches tend to contain fewer antioxidants than fresh or frozen. So always choose fresh or frozen peaches to prepare your juice.


The peach juice that you buy aren’t healthy either; they have additional flavor, sugars, or additives. So, it is better you prepare your own juice; it’s quite simple to make at home. Let’s start with ingredients.


  • 5-6 fresh or frozen peaches,
  • One cup of fresh water,
  • Honey, or lemon for additional flavor
  • Ice Cubes


  1. Wash peaches thoroughly and cut peaches in half, remove the stone and outer flesh.
  2. Now, scoop the inner flesh with a spoon.
  3. Add peaches, water, sugar or honey (if required), ice to a juicer or blender.
  4. Blend the mixture for two to three minutes until the consistency of the mixture is even and smooth. If the mixture is still thick, add more water and re-blend the mixture.
  5. Strain the mixture through a clean cloth into another container and squeeze the remaining fibrous material to get much juice out of it.
  6. Serve your juice and enjoy your chilled drink.

Well, what do you think about all these amazing health benefits of peach juice? Do leave your queries and reactions in the comment section.

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health benefits of peach juice infographic


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